A youth activist and former chairman of the Ijaw Youths council, Comrade Daniel Sapele, has written to express his stand on the political tussles going on in Bayelsa state.

In a copy of his letter sent to NAIJA LIVE TV and signed by himself, the comrade made several revelations and lamentations on the political state of Bayelsa. In his words:

“According to the words of Mahatma Gandhi ‘politics without principles or character is death’.
And Maxim also said ‘He Who Comes Into Equity Must Come With Clean Hands.”

“In 1999, from the creation of our dear state, the first senator that represented Sagbama/Ekeremor was Sen. Emmanuel Diffa 1999-2003 (Salga), followed by Sen. J.KBrambaifa 2003-2007.

Then, Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri 2007-2015, making him earn two terms and not based on any zoning arrangement. Until 2019 -2020, when Sen. Lawrence the present deputy Governor was elected.”


“Based on this analysis, Ekeremor contested the Senatorial seat only once while Sagbama has attained it five times. Being political is not an excuse for us to suspend our brains. Former Governor Dickson is gearing up to take over the seat again and that will make Sagbama six unreserved times. My question here is, what happens to Ekeremor constituency?”

“Don’t we have men of goodwill and political capacity to aspire for the seat? Dickson as a then Governor has never empowered anybody from Ekeremor even as he is an in-law. He never wants to empower anybody from Ekeremor and the reason is not to have a strong competitors from the area.”

“According to Olof Palme ‘The right of democracy are not reserved for a selected group within society, they are the rights of all the people.’
From what I heard and saw, Dickson and his cohorts are now going about to cajole people into believing that there was a gentleman agreement between him and the good people of Ekeremor and I ask, who are those unscrupulous elements who went into agreement with Dickson to sell our right for their personal interest? Who?”

“We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice and greatness is determined by service”. Martin Luther King Jr.

Truly, Dickson has not shown the people of Ekeremor love and hasn’t blessed them with social amenities, and so he will never get our votes with love too.”

“I hereby call on all the great sons and daughters of Ekeremor to come together and let’s fight for our rights, because when the rich rob the poor it’s called business, but when the poor fights back, it’s called violence.

Comrade Daniel Sapele Aka Egbemo, Youth activist and former Chairman of Ijaw Youths council Egbemo clan Central Zone Nigeria.

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