A Short Note to Gov. Dickson

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Dear Brother Dickson, 

Good morning and Happy Sunday my dear elder brother. I hope you had a warm night rest in the midst of the unimaginable pressures resulting from the botched PDP Ward Congress and the overwhelming pressure building up as we countdown to the PDP Primary scheduled for 3rd September, 2019 and the Governorship Election that will hold on November 16th, 2019?

Brother Dickson, if I am in your shoes I would have had time to ponder over recent political developments and also look far beyond my personal selfishness interest and would have rather looked at the bigger picture. 

I say this because while you are looking at installing Senator Douye Diri you think will be loyal to you and Senator Lawrence Ewrudjakpo so that you can exchange his Senatorial Seat with the Deputy Governor, you have failed to consider other factors. You fail to understand that loyalty is not permanent. Some good examples about temporary loyalty is the present frosty relationship between you and your greatest benefactors in life: former President Jonathan and King Amalate Turner. Also look at the cases of Gov. Obaseki and Adams Oshiomole in Edo State, Gov. Ganduje and Sen. Kwankwaso of Kano and that of Gov. Udom Emmanuel and Chief (Sen) Godswill Obot Akpabio. 

It is sad that desperation resulting from the above has resulted to a situation where you do not have any respect for any other person including former President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR and I can to tell you that this action has its attendant grave danger to you in particular.

Now let us look at what will happen if you have your way in the above scheming. Firstly, be rest assured that there will be mass defection. Already I can tell you that more than half of the people you think are with you are only waiting to take their pounds of flesh from you after which, they will all defect to give you the highest disgrace that you deserve. 

Secondly, be rest assured that Bayelsans will never open their eyes and see you install your stooges and puppets who will continue the enslave regime. Bayelsans have suffered too much in your hands. 

At this point it is important to look at the bigger picture. The Sylva Fever in Bayelsa is very real. Political parties have never developed any society, rather it is individuals in the parties that develop societies and those individuals are in all political parties especially in the APC in Bayelsa State. As a matter of fact it is a widely acknowledged fact that Bayelsans built the best houses, established the few surviving businesses in Bayelsa State, Local Contractors enjoyed the highest government patronage, adequate women and youths empowerment, the streets in Yenagoa were constructed and men and women married in their thousands under Sylva. Chief David Lyon whose benevolence and goodwill is on the lips of most Bayelsans irrespective of political party affiliations are fully on ground. Goodluck Jonathan GCFR saved you in 2015 but I can assure you that this time Jonathan will be father to everybody. Jonathan will follow the vast majority of Bayelsans in the quest to build the New Bayelsa State outside the present Bayelsa State you have destroyed.

In all of this, one thing that is sure is the fact that you will never escape arrest and prosecution. No amount of reconciliation or compromise that you will reach that will save you. The whole Ijaw nation will demand for your prosecution because of the pains and disgrace you have caused the Ijaw nation. No responsible leader will send his thugs and touts to go and beat up our Traditional and Religious leaders and other senior citizens during Ijaw National Congress (INC) election. 

Wake up from your dream, because with Sylva as Minister of Petroleum today, you should know that the music has changed. Sylva and Jonathan are more related than you. Because of you, two brothers were divided and you think you can continue to fool everybody every time, no way! Your time and game is up. 

I wish you a pleasant and a memorable week ahead as you ponder over these naked and very bitter truths. 

Your younger brother, 

Most Senior Comrade Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli

Mirror and Conscience of Society.

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