The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Bayelsa State has expressed deep concern regarding the slow progress of development in the state since Governor Douye Diri assumed office three years ago.

IPAC, through its state chairman Brisibe Kpodoh, issued a statement on June 12, Nigeria’s Democracy Day, highlighting the lack of advancement in various sectors, calling upon the government to intensify its efforts in addressing urgent issues such as poverty alleviation, infrastructure development, and environmental challenges.

Kpodoh emphasized that Bayelsa State has been falling behind in terms of human empowerment and economic growth, as the state’s economy is stagnant, and the level of poverty has quadrupled over the years.

He noted that minimal progress has been made in the past three years, and the state is moving at a frustratingly slow pace, urging the Diri administration to focus on providing clean water to communities, addressing environmental degradation, combating flooding and erosion, and ensuring a stable supply of electricity, considering that states now have the capability to generate power.

Kpodoh highlighted the lack of proper drainage systems and accessible road networks, along with uncontrolled waste dumping, even in Yenagoa, the capital city; which poses significant health risks and could lead to disease outbreak.


IPAC also questioned the effectiveness of Governor Douye Diri’s prosperity agenda, citing a lack of visible evidence of prosperity in the state, pointing out how the government has failed to implement the new minimum wage of ₦30,000 since 2019 for local government workers, leaving them in financial distress, and its refusal to conduct local government elections, which has resulted in a lack of effective governance at the grassroots level.

Brisibe Kpodoh, who serves as the State chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, stated that despite the ₦24 billion allocated to the local government by the Federal Government, there has been a deterioration in the local system, and expected improvements have not materialized, adding that the health sector also faces challenges, as health attendants have been excluded from the Health Consolidated Salary structure, leading to a lack of motivation among these essential workers.

Another area of concern raised by IPAC is the government’s failure to fill vacant positions across various sectors, leaving critical roles unoccupied.

IPAC then urged Governor Douye Diri and his administration to prioritize the highlighted pressing issues and take immediate action to address the sluggish pace of development, emphasizing the need for inclusive governance, effective policies, and transparent implementation to bring about the desired positive change in Bayelsa State.

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