Architect Miebi Bribena, Founder of Baraza Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd., has revealed how he received some amount of money from Governor Douye Diri to settle debts after the “crash” of Baraza.


According to the Baraza CEO, though he came to support the candidature of Chief David Lyon of the APC in the 2019 governorship polls, he decided to pin his tent with Senator Diri despite being aware of the odds and was never moved even in the face of loosing.

Bribena said, “In 2019 you were contesting for the office of the Governor of Bayelsa State under the PDP Party. I was a member of the APC Party. I came into Yenagoa in September 2019 to contribute my quota to WORK AGAINST YOU in favour of David Lyon who was the APC Governorship Candidate.

“In the process of campaign, my cousin and confidant Mr. Clement Hamo  one day asked me if I knew that Senator Douye Diri is related to me? I replied that I don’t know and even if it is true and so what? I said I came to work for my party APC (Clement is always ready to stand anywhere I stand but that day he hatched a bloodless coup against me). That same night Clement told me that you requested to see me in the Castle to at least talk to me and I obliged.


“I remember I came to the suite with the name Ekeremor (Rooms in the Castle don’t have numbers but names) It was a very warm and cordial meeting. You said ‘Miebi I have heard about you and your influence but I never knew we were related. I am not asking you to leave your party but remember that I am your brother’

I replied that I just knew that day and I have heard your comment. Hon. Peter Akpe (now Chief of Staff to the Governor) was present in that meeting. I left without collecting a dime from you.

That night I could not sleep.

“The question in my mind was do I have the courage to stand against my blood because of Politics? That same night I wrote on Facebook that “IT IS OVER” That was how I decamped from the APC to the PDP to join you for the campaigns.

“CAMPAIGNS: l joined you fully aware that the odds against you in that election were high (because of the Seriake Dickson factor), but I preferred to stick with my blood even in the face of loosing. I did not give a damn.

“We ‘Lost’ that election. Many ran away from you. I did not care. I stood strong till February 13th 2020 when we won the Supreme Court Case and you were sworn in as Governor. Up till them I NEVER took a dime from you.”

Speaking on Baraza, Bribena said “Baraza actually started officially in January 2020 before you became governor. The intention was for us to chart a course to develop an alternative economy in the state. It was a 10 year plan.

“By the time you became governor I was already saddled with the responsibility of growing Baraza. You were never a part of this plan. When you were sworn in as Governor, Baraza was already taking root so I distanced myself from government interests.

“His Excellency, you recall at the initial time of your administration you were still staying in the Castle. I had unrestricted access to you but I only come to greet you probably once a week and went about my business. I remember one day I got a call from ADC Zuokumo and he came and gave me $1,000 (March 2020) that it was a personal gift from you. I came to thank you that I am surprised but thankful because I never asked. You joked that you also get excited when someone gives you a gift without you asking. Thank you bros for that money. Also Easter of 2020 you sent me N1,000,000 which I disbursed to 100 of my friends on Facebook. Thank you bros,” he said.

Revealing how he turned down appointment offers, Bribena said “Many believed I deserved to be appointed into your Cabinet. You also wanted me to join your team. My Baraza Exco Members and a few friends thought otherwise. Their argument was that:

1. Baraza was doing well and growing fast and a government appointment may be a huge distraction.

2. That not all of us must be in government, that I should grow Baraza and make impact outside government as my contribution to develop the state.

“I recall that before you announced list of Commissioners, you called me into your bedroom to explain to me that my name is considered but for very special and strategic reasons you wanted Hon. Maxwell Ebibai  to come back as Commissioner of Finance, but since Maxwell and I are from the same Village it’s a tough one to do. I replied that you should go ahead that I am fine with it. That was the day I officially told you about the vision of Baraza. Thank you bros.

“Months later you sent for me again that you are considering appointing me as Executive Secretary of the Bayelsa Physical Planning and Development Board and that you are confident I can make a difference with my Background as an Architect. I reminded you of my earlier decision not to take up a government appointment because of Baraza and apologised to you not to be offended. You were gracious enough to heed to my plea without offense. Thank you bros.

Architect Bribena also explained that Baraza helped to reduce kidnapping and improved security. He said the Cooperative made significant contributions and reduced the habit of people hanging around Government House to shout ‘DIRI Oyeeeee!’

“Baraza was doing well. People prospered. Kidnapping reduced. Security improved. Many stopped hanging around Government House to shout DIRI Oyeeeee!!! Director DSS, Commissioner of Police etc could attest to this impact.

“However, I made some mistakes which I acknowledge. There was also massive fraud in the Baraza system. Then the worst happened. Boom!!! There was a crash. Bros I have not seen a brother like you. There was crises and there was fraud and you did what a brother can to to support.

“One day I received a call from you when you were in Abuja and asked me to fly down immediately. You personally handed me a huge sum of money to help me pay off some of the liability. You explained that it’s not government money by unconditional gift you received. Bros I thank you.

“You called me after and explained to me that Politicians (not one) are part of taking advantage of my crises to bring me down. You said they told you that I will contest for Governor of Bayelsa against you in 2023. I assured you that you know bros that I won’t do that. Bros your people na wah ohhh. They join pursue me ohhhh.

“Bros I was very unsafe so I had to leave.

Before I left you called me again to ask what you can do to help to sort the challenges out. I requested for a contract, bearing in mind that officially a contractor can get up to 30% profit.  That I will work hard to execute and use the profit to add  and sort out the challenges.

“You told me it’s doable but you don’t want to approve a contract without money in the state. You said Miebi wait till money comes. The state is expecting Paris Club Refund. You said you got a security report on the positive impact of Baraza. Bros Thank you, but I had to leave due to several threats to my life.

His EXCELLENCY, thank you for your thoughtfulness. Though you never shielded me from any consequence (which is the noble thing to do, but you tried to see how you could help a brother for the interest of peace. It may take a little more time but the challenges will be sorted sir. Thank you sir,” the letter added.

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