For Preye Oseke, It’s an Endorsement for the Green Chamber

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…..Reps hopeful urges Southern Ijaw people to collect their PVCs, verify their names on INEC register

As the D-day for the 2019 Presidential/National Assembly elections draw nearer, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, Hon. Preye Oseke has been receiving endorsements from youths and women groups as well as notable politicians devoid of political linings.

The APC candidate for the Southern-Ijaw House of Representatives is an astute politician, a philanthropist, a consummate businessman and a bridge builder.  He is squaring up with the incumbent speaker of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Kombowei Benson Friday who is vying for the seat under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The PDP candidate has been representing the people of constituency four, for three consecutive terms and hopes to represent the people of Southern Ijaw in the green chamber in the next dispensation in June, 2019.

For Hon. Preye Influence Oseke, who is an oil magnet and contractor, and a one time Chairman of Apoi Olodiama Rural Development Area in 2005,  the race to serve the people is a call to duty to deliver the dividends of democracy. All well meaning groups have started endorsing the APC Reps Flag bearer, because of the perceived abysmal performance of the PDP candidate whom the groups allegedly could not attract meaningful development to the local government area, despite being  the number three man in the political hierarchy of the state.

In his usual characteristic manner, Hon. Preye Influence Oseke recently awarded bursary to six hundred students of tertiary institutions who are indigenes of the four constituencies that constitute the local government.

A youth leader who is a Director-General of Oseke Youth Volunteer Network, Comrade Igali Robert Joel told our reporter that the youth of the local government opted to support the APC candidate because of his philanthropic gesture. According to him “Hon. Oseke has always identified with youths that is why we are throwing our weights behind him.

“It is about time we vote for political leaders and not politicians. Over the years, we have been cajoled as electorates to vote for whoever political power brokers present  to us, because there have not been any possible corresponding alternative to be voted for.

“Today, Southern Ijaw people have one of the finest gentlemen, a man with very unique character, a silent achiever, helper of the downtrodden, lover of education, youth friendly leader, prosperous and a successful businessman with impeccable track record of excellent service delivery.

“This man has a clear cut vision template, the needed expertise, the intellectual capacity the oratory skills and the sterling leadership acumen to shoulder the burden of leadership at this critical time in our history.

“He is not a man that will run away from his people, or relegate the electorates to the background after been elected.

“Hon Preye Oseke is a lover of students and youths. He understands the pains, suffering and the day to day challenges confronting the youths and students of Southern Ijaw. And as such he has firmly promised to actively confront these challenges squarely when elected.

“For me, leadership should be a selfless service to mankind, a good leader should be able to attend to the needs of followers and sundry, taking drastic measures to aggressively provide panacea for them.

Hon. Preye Oseke is mentally, intellectually, politically and economically prepared to handle most if these challenges as he had been doing over time.


“Therefore; the good people of Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, a vote for Hon. Preye Oseke is a vote for job creation for our teeming unemployed youths, scholarships and more bursary payment, youth and women empowerment programmes, good leadership, quarterly consultative meetings with constituent, attracting federal projects and many more. He will go extra miles to attend to the needs of his people.

“Let’s all join hands together and come out enmass to vote massively for Hon. Preye Oseke, the candidate of the APC come February 16th, 2019.”

It has been endorsement galore for the APC Southern Ijaw candidate and this has one a long at to attest to his aceptability as such we declare our total support for him in the up-coming election”.

Our checks reveal that Hon. Preye Oseke is currently constructing a road from Akeddei to Ogboinbiri, the road is currently at Azama. The road which is solely being funded by the APC’s touch bearer is to reach the Apoi Creek and beyond.

When our correspondent stumbled on the APC candidate recently, he declined comments about the road and other philanthropic gesture initiated by the unassuming politician. But Oseke simply said, “All what am doing is devoid of politics but my little contribution to the development of the people of my area. I don’t want to be seen as singing my praises in the media, because as a Christian my religion forbids me to sing my praises. As a privilege person, am doing what am doing because it is my nature to give back to society” Little wonder the APC standard torchbearer stole the heart of the people of Southern  Ijaw Constituency IV as the kinsmen of the PDP candidate from Korokorosei, hometown of Kombowei Benson Friday recently endorsed the APC candidate against their own.

Led by one ‘General’ Ebikeniye Ekiri and other PDP supporters who said they decided to align themselves with the aspiration of Hon. Oseke because they  believe in him, because he is capable of delivering the goods” we are supporting your ambition because we believe in you, and we know you put smiles on the faces of our people”.

Hon. Preye Oseke’s style of campaign is unique in the sense that he had been holding consultations with major stakeholders of the local government which cut across party lines. Some members of the opposition parties are aligning with his campaign because they consider him to be a bridge-builder.

He has reached out to the people of Amassoma, Azuzuama,  Ikebiri, Lobia, Koluama, Ezetu-Ekeni amongst others and the support is overwhelming. The director-general for the Oseke for reps secretariat, Hon. Kesiye Frank-Eputu said the decision to opt for the consultative and reach out campaign option is based on the fact that the APC candidate is a politician with a difference.

According to him, “we decided to adopt the consultative and reach-out method because our candidate is more or less like a bridge-builder and peace advocate who is liked across party lines and beyond politics”.

The APC candidate has everything going for him if all things being equal, more so his arch-rival, Hon. Kombowei Benson Friday is facing allegation of N1billion fraud in the State Assembly  which he presides.

Some of his colleagues from the opposition parties in the Assembly are alleging that he diverted the said N1billion in connivance with some principal officers of the House for their personal aggrandizement.

We learnt that a petition is before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and invitations have been handed to the speaker and his alleged accomplices. With such grievous dent the electorate of Southern Ijaw may opt for his challenger rather. Some stakeholders are of the opinion that the speaker never represented the area well to attract development rather he is being seen to be working for the governor rather than the people. He is been viewed as a rubber stamp doing the bidding of the governor who often describe him as  the “best speaker” in Nigeria because of their pecuniary benefits they  both are enjoying at the expense of the masses.

With the galore of endorsements, the Oseke challenge for the incumbent speaker and his party the PDP, the people seem to have spoken that they are ready to stick out their necks this time around for the Broom Party which Hon. Preye Oseke represents. As the days tick away, the date to decide is Saturday 16 February, 2019

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