As a failed President, the worst in Nigeria’s history, Muhammadu Buhari is predictable. His notoriety for distraction is nauseating. His love for non-performance is disgusting.

Buhari is prepared to do anything to distract Nigerians, but he will do nothing to improve their living condition and offer them security.

In trouble with the National Assembly for needless persecution and fraudulent use of a compromised security infrastructure to intimidate other arms of government, Buhari and his handlers believe that declaring June 12 as Democracy Day and conferring a posthumous award on MKO Abiola will buy time for him. This move is uncharitable and needless.


As an individual, journalist and development enthusiast, May 29 remains my democracy day. My reason is simple. The nation succeeded in sacking the military on this date. Every other date is simply academic.

As important as June 12, 1993 was, it was a case of nearly cannot kill a bird. As already said by other analysts, Buhari is one of the prominent beneficiaries of the failure of June 12, 1993.

He joined General Sani Abacha as the Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund. He served in the capacity all through that horrible era. It took the persistence of Nigerians for Democracy to be achieved.

It is true that June 12, 1993 contributed in no small measure to the attainment of democracy. However, it is not our democracy day. It was an aborted attempt at democracy. The pregnancy was in place, but it ended a stillbirth.

With this act of desperation, I am convinced more than ever that the rejection of Buhari by Nigerians is well known by the tenant of Aso Rock.

This act of treachery by the President and his handlers is akin to the proverbial clutching of straw by a drowning man.

Buhari should blame himself for squandering the enormous goodwill that brought him into office after very costly deception and falsehood against the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

In office, Buhari and his team have displayed sickening ineptitude, barefaced nepotism and crass incompetence. They have turned the entire country into a killing field, while hunger, poverty and disunity have become landlords everywhere.

This attempt to curry favour with a greek gift is a last kick of a dying horse. Buhari is a failed President. The worst Nigerian President since 1960.

All sectors of the nation’s economy have collapsed. Renaming democracy day is too little too late and not relevant at this time.

It is clear that Buhari has nothing more to offer. In this case, he should heed the advice of his UK Doctors: Sleep, eat and sleep. He is not cut out for governance, let alone govern a complex country like Nigeria.

This nightmare will end on May 29, 2019. This country cannot afford another flight of deadly turbulence with this untrained pilot. Otherwise, it will crash.

A government that runs on lies, distraction, blood and ethnicity has no place in our country. Even in this misadventure, Buhari’s Failed APC Federal Government was incompetent. It could not get the date of the 1979 handover correctly.

Buhari has celebrated his last democracy day on May 29, 2018. On May 29, 2019, Buhari will be handing over to a democratically elected successor. Nobody will spare this incompetent regime 14 days to handover on June 12, 2019. Buhari cannot shift the goalpost in a match where APC is trailing by several unreplied goals.

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