By M. G Adejumo

The Clear and Present Danger of power going back to the North because they simply believe they own Nigeria, and particularly the Greater Danger of power in the hands of Muhammadu Buhari a man of low intellect, limited education and fixed tribal and ethnic considerations, were all that I Harped upon from 2013 to 2015.

Particularly the issue of a Buhari who never rose beyond a tiny aperture of world view that centered on Islam and Fulani irredentism..

I wrote in 2014, inter alia and many people would recollect on all of the antecedents of a Buhari, the mentally lazy and ignorantly arrogant, who never integrated himself into the modern world because he preferred his low level reveling as a Fulani, relishing in the tiny cocoon of Uthman Dan Fodio’s world of cows, sharia and Jihad, kare jini, biri jini world of blood and Conquests..


Buhari was a 40 year old that could still have gone back to school, or do some scholarly work involving researches, publications, writings.

President Muhammadu Buhari

A memoir or an autobiography could have been written… Or even make himself available to the world via safely International agencies of the United Nations… Even Giving lectures in citadels of learning, compiling military works would have kept Buhari abreast of modern realities that would have improved his knowledge base akin to learning in a non-schooling environment, but learning and self improvement, all the same.

The Buhari that Did None of this, still could have improved upon himself by going into the corporate world to become an investor in national and international businesses, didn’t do so. Buhari could have joined corporate players by becoming a Board member of big corporations, learning international trade and learning modern economic trends and becoming accustomed to the dynamics of modern Ranching among others, but what did Buhari do….

Buhari simply went back to being an itinerant Fulani owning cows..and nothing added.
No technology to derive corned beef.
No milk factory to make milk.

No cow and hide synergy to be a by-product.
Just ordinary Bororo Fulani cattle breeder.
A corrupt Buhari we exposed with a 5 storey building in Kaduna, an 11 house estate Number 9 Udo Udoma street Asokoro in Abuja, a Buhari with a house in Bedford, London.
Same Buhari who trained 3 children simultaneously in UK universities that British newspapers exposed and taunted…!
And that is the man we made president!??

Buhari said in 2014, and I quote, “I cannot live without Cows”!
He didn’t mention, computers, laptops, Information search engines, Newspapers… He said, “cows”.
And what did we expect… !?

Buhari snubbed the same the same Nigerians he came seeking their votes in 2003, 2007, and 2015 2017, after refusing to appear before Justice Oputa Truth and Reconciliation Panel. Despite the fact that Buhari knew how important reconciliation is to the stability of democracy. Buhari has never apologized for this at anytime.

Buhari came to Ibadan to chastise governor Lam Adesina for not locking up the same Yoruba farmers his Fulani people killed their wives and children and destroyed their farms in year 2000.

This same Buhari we told you, voted against a Nigerian of Igbo descent Peter Onu for the OAU top post to which Buhari became the first Head of State in the world to vote against his own candidate, when he voted for Idi of Niger Republic.

This same Buhari was with Ambassador Saanu on an official trip to Germany when he was petroleum minister and DID NOT SPEAK even once to the Yoruba Ambassador throughout the duration of the trip but as soon as they got to German soil broke into Hausa on sighting the Nigerian Ambassador who was a Northerner.

We warned, I warned …!
Not just warn with words, I provided a string of empirical evidences long enough for anyone with a cognitive Reckoning to see the facts as they were presented.

How could people not have known that the presidency doesn’t change people… That it only reveals who you are.
Buhari could not and would not change.
He told you that in many words —
He said he loved his cows and cannot live without his cows… Wasn’t that clear enough!??

This was going to be No change, we told you.
This was just a power shift to the North of which the North bragged, “Power will not go back to the south again”.
In that statement alone was a million cues…!

All of these facts I wrote on, to prepare the minds of Nigerians against what to expect of a Buhari presidency.
And here we are today with a Northern Domination ever so openly displayed and ever so forcefully Entrenched!

The one that ought to have been most compelling was the death of our young Southern Christian youth Corps members who were slaughtered like rams, and then burnt by an irate crowd, shouting, “Sai Baba”, in the aftermath of Buhari losing the 2011 elections… That Buhari could come out with a callous statement that, “there will be no apology for those killed”, was perhaps the clearest pointer that the DEATH OF THE INNOCENT MEANS NOTHING TO THIS MAN OF BLOOD….

But… Has Buhari not always said, “The dogs and the baboon will flow in Blood”, in reference to losing any election…!??

2019 elections are only 10 months away Today…
And you will remember I wrote this..

SOURCE: *Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo*

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