In less than 24hours after a fresh leaked video of two L$sb$an from Nembe Local Government area in Bayelsa State went viral on the social media while making love.

The pt. 2 of the video containing another iterating video of the L$sb$an appeared on the internet

In the Second viral video cited by NAIJA LIVE TV, the fair girl in the first video was alone in the Barth room after she allegedly have finished making l0ve to the black chubby girl.

Here are the faces of the two girls in the said viral lesbian video that was mistaken leaked on WhatsApp group by one of girls in the video.

It was gathered that, since after NAIJA LIVE TV exposed the first leaked video of the two girls a room, there have been an uneasy calm between the two ladies in involve.



An indigenous investigator told NAIJA LIVE TV that the manner in which promising young innocent girls are been recruited into the devilish act of lesbian$sm is worrisome in Bayelsa, most especially the Nembe Speaking girls. Saying that the trend in the clime have been shielded for so long.

Investigations show that the name of the fair girl in the first and the second leaked video is called Happiness Nimibofa while the real name of the black chubby girl in the first leaked video is Comfort but her Facebook name is Beauty John.

Yes, we have been using words like;
“Leave them na their private life”
“Let’s no expose our own”
Let’s protect our own”

“Obviously, this has gotten us to this pathetic situation we are now through these very protection. We have encourage these acts in our clime through protection of our own and it is now manifesting openly”

“We have shielded these evil acts in our clime for so long. Yes it is their private life, but why are they recruiting other promising young innocent girls into this act”

“Since they love it, they should go ahead with it and stop luring other promising young girls into it” – The Investigator added

NAIJA LIVE TV reported that, on January 7, 2014, Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Jonathan, signed the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill (SSMPA) into law.

The notional purpose of the SSMPA is to prohibit marriage between persons of the same s$x. In reality, its scope is much wider.

The law forbids any cohabitation between same-sex sexual partners and bans any “public show of same sex amorous relationship.” The SSMPA imposes a 10-year prison sentence on anyone who “registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organization” or “supports” the activities of such organizations.

Punishments are severe, ranging from 10 to 14 years in prison. Such provisions build on existing legislation in Nigeria, but go much further: while the colonial-era criminal and penal codes outlawed sexual acts between members of the same sex, the SSMPA effectively criminalizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The same-sex sexual activity (Lesbianism) is illegal in Nigeria and the maximum punishment currently in 12 northern states that have adopted Shari’a law is death by stoning

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