Around this time in 2014
Tinubu said Buhari was the best Person to lead Nigeria but today for the first time in decades Tinubu’s party in Lagos has parallel Primaries thanks to Buhari’s leadership.

Around this time in 2014, TY Danjuma told us Buhari was a good Danjuma’s people are under seige and he says the army under Buhari is giving cover to those who are slaughtering Danjuma’s people in the Middle Belt.

Around this time in 2014 Wole Soyinka told us that we can take a leap of faith with Buhari. Today he is asking the United Nations to stop ethnic cleansing in Nigeria under Buhari’s leadership.

Around this time in 2014, Pastor Bakare told us we can expect a better Nigeria under Buhari. Today Pastor Bakare is advising Nigerians to look for a better leader who will restructure Nigeria.


Around this time in 2014 Prof Tam David-West promised Nigerians that Buhari will make petrol #45 per liter, today Petrol is #145 per liter and Buhari has spent #1.4trillion on fuel subsidy which he claimed was a fraud.

Around this time in 2014, Sai Barbarians ( Sorry..Sai Buharists) swore that Buhari will declare his assets publicly and produce his WAEC certificate…till date he has done neither.

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