The Order of Egbesu Brotherhood, an Ijaw ethno-religious organisation for the propagation, preservation and practice of the Ijaw spirituality termed as ‘EGBESU WORSHIP’, responds as painful, the infelicitous incident that occurred at Odi, in Bayelsa State, Kolokuma/Opokuma Local government area on 23rd of June 2018, wherein three Ijaw sons, were murdered by their fellow Ijaws, in the name of CULTISM.

We desribe such act as barbaric, unpatriotic and attempts to plunge the Ijaw Nation, especially Bayelsa, into a theatre of war, to thwart efforts already made to restore peace by both Government and Non Governmental organizations.

For the umpteenth time, we state again that CULTISM is alien to Ijaw people, it is not our way of life, it’s a barrier to our collective growth and hindrance to developments. We reject it in totality, we advise those in the practice to denounce or be greeted with ill-fated and mysterious events.

We call for peace and truce amongst affected persons, we are already in the process of dialogue and achieving positive results, we therefore urge all parties to hold fire and stick to the existing communal relationship.


Ijaw people should know, that things are not at ease in the Nation, as all seems to be falling apart bit by bit, the people of the middle belt are being slaughtered daily by raging herdsmen, this has even gotten to some part of the east, it may not be too long, before it reaches our land, and if we are divided in these manner, how then can we defend our mothers and kids?.

This is not a time to fight, the current happenings in the country calls for unity, this is what the Egbesu teaches, love amongst ourselves.

We have lost more potential Ijaw gladiators to cultism than any other act, and this is creating a breach to our defenses as an ethnic group, considering also that Bayelsa is our Jerusalem.

Peace and Unity is the way forward, streets civil wars will do us no good. We sympathise with the families of the deceased and pray Egbesu to arrest the culprits wherever they are and bring them to open confession.

May the deceased find rest as they journey to the realm beyond.


High Priest, Habi Kurokeme, Spokesperson, order of Egbesu Brotherhood.

One of the boy that died, James Alex from Odi by name

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