Crude Oil Surveillance Contractor and Chief Executive officer of the Kojo Sam Logistics Limited/Labrader Security outfit, Chief Kojo Sam has denied claims of any involvement in the violence that erupted in Opu-Nembe kingdom on Wednesday which led to the killing of three persons.

According to Kojo Sam, the allegation levelled against him by the Youth President of the Opu-Nembe Kingdom, Ayerite Moses is baseless and spurious.

The Youth President of Opu-Nembe, Ayerite Moses, in a statement on the Wednesday killing in the kingdom had alleged that incident was allege failed coup to upstage the his leadership and it was masterminded by Chief Kojo Sam alongside some persons identified as indigenes of Oluasiri, Ogbolomabiri, Bassambiri, Agrisaba and Southern Ijaw communities.

But Chief Kojo Sam, in a statement issued on Sunday and signed by him, stated that the allegation by Ayerite Moses is spurious and baseless, stating that though he would have ordinarily ignore it to allow relevant security agencies do their job of unravelling the brain(s) behind such heinous act, but doing so may be mistaken for acquiesce to an allegation that is fallacious in every sense of it.

He stated further that he is not involved in the sad and dastardly act, insisting that it is rather curious that those levelling the allegation could come out with names, purportedly of those who carried out the dastardly act in Opu-Nembe kingdom.


He stated that “Nothing can be further from the truth, I am not in any way involved in the murderous act carried out in Opu-Nembe kingdom. It is rather curious to note, that immediately after the sad and unfortunate incident, Mr. Ayerite Moses has come out with names, purportedly of those who carried out the dastardly act in Opu-Nembe kingdom. It is pertinent to ask, since when did Mr Ayerite become a security expert with the expertise of unmasking the masterminds of such heinous act almost immediately after the act? This should be of great interest to the security agencies”.

“It is on record that the said Mr Ayerite Moses has for a long time, constituted himself into a demi-god of some sort in Opu-Nembe kingdom, with the proclivity of unleashing violence on anyone who doesn’t align with his insatiable quest for power. There are a plethora of instances that substantiates this fact, which are common knowledge within Opu-Nembe”.

“Here is a young man who woke up one day and decided to whip respected Chiefs of Opu-Nembe mercilessly, subjecting them to horrendous humiliation on some baseless allegation of their involvement in witch-craft. The same young man has constituted himself into an authority, at whose command bona-fide sons and daughters of Opu-Nembe are barred from visiting their home land, a young man who has beaten a youth to dead without any provocation, this same envious young man has attacked, destroyed properties and chased out youths from Opu Nembe without any provocation or conflict just because they attended my birthday party. His oppressive and intimidating activities with that of his goons and sponsors are well known in and around Nembe Kingdom”.

He also stated that despite his disagreement with the Opu-Nembe Youth President, he is no ways involved in any acts of violence and killings,”I am not the only person Mr Ayerite has offended in the past if that is his fear and reason of linking my name to every unrest in Opu Nembe, I advise Mr Ayerite to make peace with his fears and stop dragging my name to every unrest in Opu Nembe”.

He however condemn the Wednesday killing and urging security agencies to being the perpetrators to book,”I condemn in totality the murderous act carried out in Opu-Nembe, and call on the relevant security agencies to with no hesitation carry out a holistic investigation, with the intent of unravelling who the masterminds and perpetrators of the Opu-Nembe killing are, and ensuring they are all brought to face the full wrath of the law.”

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