A Niger Delta ex-agitator, General Whoknows Tomorrow, has described the N1.5 billion naira (one billion, five hundred million naira) Cooperative Initiative for ex-agitators to start-up businesses as a scam and plot to divert funds for personal gains.

While arguing that the “so called Initiative is an agenda to misappropriate funds,” General Whoknows Tomorrow noted that the said money cannot create meaningful impact in the lives of the over 30,000 beneficiaries of the Amnesty Programme if shared as each beneficiary will only get fifty thousand naira (N50,000) which is far below the N65,000 monthly stipend of the Programme.

Describing the initiative as ‘laughable,’ General Whoknows asked how General Barry Ndiomu (Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme – PAP) arrived at 30,000 amnesty beneficiaries knowing fully well that he (Ndiomu) delisted about 3,000 beneficiaries from the Programme over BVN issues.

General Whoknows, said people who are celebrating the above Cooperative Initiative are ‘sycophants’ who are paid to praise-sing General Indiomu’s administration.

“Those celebrating Ndiomu’s Cooperative Initiative for ex-agitators are all sycophants and being paid to praise and support all his wrong policies.


“Let me start by saying that the so called Initiative is an agenda to misappropriate funds as the said One Billion Five Hundred Million (#1,500,000,000.00) Naira cannot create any positive impact in the lives of delegates. He (Ndiomu) claimed that the said fund was set aside for the 30,000 beneficiaries of the programme as a loan facility which will enable them start their businesses in order to guarantee their financial stability and independence.

“The question is, can someone start up a business with just Fifty Thousand (#50,000.00) Naira?, because going by the figure, One Billion Five Million (#1,500,000,000.00) Naira divide by 30,000 Delegates is Fifty Thousand (#50,000.00) Naira per delegate (not even up to the monthly N65,000.00 stipend) and it is laughable.

“Secondly, the Amnesty office also claimed that the said fund is for over 30,000 delegates, and I asked myself how?, Ndiomu delisted over 3,000 beneficiaries of the programme for about eight months now with the mere excuses of their BVN being linked to multiple accounts, yet the office is still talking about the original 3,000 delegates that is captured in the programme? Has Ndiomu paid the remaining 2,000 out of the 3,000 delegates that he delisted?

“WHO IS FOOLING WHO? only those that cheaply sold their conscience for selfish interest can be deceived by things of this kind,” General Whoknows Tomorrow said.

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