Ijaw Stakeholders under the G24 Embasara foundation yesterday presented a draft on code of ethics, leadership and governance to possess successors of the Governor Seriake Dickson administration in 2020, declaring that the next Governor of the State must adhere and implement programme to impact on the life of the people.

The presentation of the draft, titled Ijaw Nation Code of Ethics, leadership and Governance, presented by the Former State Commissioner of Enviroment, Mr. Iniruo Wills, outlined that the next Governor and other elected political officers in the state must declare their assets, adopt participatory governance, adoption of freedom of Information and audit of government account by selected Ijaw leaders.

The statekholders, made up politicians, former political office holders, youth groups and elders under the Ijaw Elders Forum including Former member of the House of Representative,Hon.Walmer Ogoroba, former Governorship aspirant, Reuben Okoya, Former Secetary to State Government, Dr. Gideon Ekeowe,agreed that the successor to Gov. Dickson and other elected officers must adhere to the code of ethics for good governance In the State.

Speaking at the one day summit convened by the non-partisan group known as G24 Embasara Foundation, in Yenagoa, the Chairman of the event, Chief Amba Ambaiowei, attributed the uncoordinated issue of governance and development to the failure of the elected officer to follow a laid down code of conduct, “”It is known that all over the state that our politicians and political leaders are the cause of our woes. They introduced several serious social ills into our society namely election violence with rigging, militancy, kidnapping and fraudulent mismanagement of our resources.”


Chief Amba Ambaiowei,who is one of the founding fathers, alleged that Politicians in the state are responsible for disrupting the peace in our communities in their desperate bid to win elections. They recruit and mobilise supporters especially the youths who are abandoned after elections. In return, these youths now vent their disappointment and frustrations on the public, resulting in militancy,kidnaping and other vices.”

“They also mismanage our resources and live an ostentatious life style of alliance while abandoning development, thus attracting public hatred public hatred and rebuke. Our legislator fail to play the expected role of team work with their respective constituencies in evolving developmental objectives.”

“Constituency project in spite of funds collected, are yet to be seen executed across the state to supplement the State government’s development agenda. The expected team work and cooperation between state and national legislators to attract both Federal Government and international developmental projects to Bayelsa state are yet to manifest. ”

Also speaking, Pastor Ifieye Brebina, in a solidarity message on behalf of the Ijaw Elders Forum and Ijaw Professional Association (IPA), commended the convener of the summit and called on Politicians in the state to adhere to the draft code of conduct presented and participate in further discussions to nominate next governors of the State.

According to him, “there is the need to agree on principle in Bayelsa over the issue of governance, environmental justice, self determination and many others. If we have a common position, we will be rest assured that no matter the political position, we will be assured of good governance. “

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