EX-militant leaders from the nine states of the Niger Delta region have petitioned the National Security Adviser, Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno (rtd.) over the alleged attempt by the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu to scuttle an ongoing suit against 15 companies in an attempt to allegedly arm-twist the Amnesty office to pay the over N3.8billion for jobs not done in order to receive the sum of $2million USD as kick-back.

According to the ex-Militant leaders, despite the fact that there are various cases in different courts against the Amnesty Office, the Amnesty Boss had allegedly refused to file proper defence as done by his predecessor against the accused 15 companies due to an alleged offer of two million dollars which is meant to settle the case and allow the Federal Government to pay the companies for jobs not executed.

The Ex-Militant leaders, led by Boma Inewariku, Gabriel Atumani Victor, James Ebiaredei Collins and others, called on the National Security Adviser to suspend and investigate the Interim Administrator and to appoint the most senior civil servant, or to urgently appoint a four-man credible committee of persons from the Niger Delta region, comprising of possibly an Acting Coordinator, Acting Director of Procurement, Acting Director of Finance and Acting Legal Adviser, in order to allow the Interim Administrator to step-down, as he cannot be at the helm of affairs while these issues of grave fraudulent allegations are hanging on his neck,” and for the newly appointed person(s) to take over the running and administration of the Presidential Amnesty Programme pending the outcome of the investigations against the Interim Administration.

According to the petition, which was signed by Boma Inewariku, “Our demand for the immediate suspension of Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu as the Interim Administrator, is in view of the fact that there is an allegation of bribery and connivance to embezzle Amnesty programme funds against the interim administrator while he also has boasted that your noble self as the National Security Adviser (Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno rtd.) will be settled in the said bribery. Therefore, our petition is in order to ensure that there will be no uproar or breakdown of law and order in the Niger Delta region, in the event that the helm of affairs of the Amnesty programme is left with no one to handle the day to day running of the programme.”

“We wish to bring to your notice that it is no news that there are numerous cases pending against the Presidential Amnesty Programme in different courts across the country, but of most important of cases are the 15 cases filed against the Amnesty programme, where these companies are all controlled by one alter ego individual who is claiming payments of over N3,800,000,000 (Three billion, Eight Hundred Million Naira), for contracts allegedly done by these companies. The names and suit numbers of the cases are contained in Schedule A.”


“It is important to state that the alleged contracts awarded to these companies were done without any due process and against all known procedures and the said contracts were allegedly awarded by the Late Prof. Charles Dokubo. May we also inform your humble self, that the immediate past interim administrator, in the person of Col. Miland Dixon Dikio (rtd.) stood for justice and resolved to diligently fight and also defended against these corrupt and fraudulent contracts allegedly awarded to the underlisted 15 companies, which matter is still pending in courts.”

“In fact, sir, it is also pertinent to state that the accredited and verified Amnesty beneficiaries who should have benefited from the alleged contract were not issued any business start-up item(s) as allegedly contained in contract and based on this, the 124 Beneficiaries applied to join in the ongoing suit in a representative capacity for all other verified beneficiaries of the programme. Sir, we state unequivocally that the removal of Col. Dikio (rtd.) was indeed a grave mistake and denial of justice and fairness to the people of Niger Delta region.”

“It will interest you to note sir that the new Interim administrator, Barry Tariye Ndiomu, as part of his first function is to ensure that the Amnesty programme does not achieve its aim thereby rubbishing the efforts and hard work put in by your humble self and the administration of the President, Muhammadu Buhari over the years, by conniving and engaging in bribery from the underlisted companies in order to sabotage the cause of justice. Worst still is that the Barry Tariye Ndiomu had consistently boasted to his cronies and ally that the office of the National Security Adviser is also involved, fully supports and also will benefit the sum of $1,000,000 (One Million Dollar) from the alleged bargain of $2,000,000 (Two Million dollars) agreed on with the alter ego individuals of the underlisted 15 companies.”

“In fact, as a plan and understanding of the parties to ensure that the disbursement is made speedily without any further delay, the interim administrator Barry Tariye Ndiomu has instructed his legal team to file a motion asking the court to send parties to Arbitration so they can settle outside the court proceedings amicably. They are now using the machinery of justice to enhance their illegal activities. It is worth noting also that these contracts have been examined by the Barry Tariye Ndiomu predecessor in the person of COL. DIKIO and he found and rightly so that the contracts were not only fraudulently issued but were never executed, which also was one of the reasons why the 124 accredited beneficiaries filed to join in the ongoing suit.”

“In fact, on the day Barry Tariye Ndiomu’s appointment was announced, JAMUB (the alter ego and controller of the 15 companies) was seen in Barry Tariye Ndiomu house celebrating with him, in the same vein the Solicitor General of the Federation and Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Justice, who we have also accused of sabotaging the course of justice in this matter by removing and reposting sound and diligent lawyers from the Amnesty office, just so there will not be any competent defence on behalf of the Amnesty programme was seen in Kano state also jubilating and also laying credence to the fact that the newly appointed Interim Administrator is her law school mate and that she will discuss with him to do their biddings.”

“Also, since his appointment, Barry Tariye Ndiomu has refused to send the Amnesty legal team to defend the Amnesty office against these 15 companies’ fraudulent cases in court, rather, he has sent the Amnesty legal team to ask for an out of court settlement which can bankrupt the Amnesty programme finances. The most worrisome of all of this is the fact that your respected name and office has also consistently and constantly been mentioned as a beneficiary in the $2,000,000 (Two Million dollars) bribe offered by the 15 companies upon settlement and payment of the fraudulently awarded contract, and it is also upon this premise that we sincerely urge you to clear your name is in this unscrupulous allegation which we believe is very untrue in view of your stand for justice and fairness over the years which your track records also speaks volumes sir.”

“Sir, it is worrisome that at the time that these elements were busy permuting on how to remove the former interim administrator just so they can install a man that will do their bidding in embezzling the coffers of the Amnesty programme, your humble self was on a mission at the United Nations General Assembly as an advance team for President Muhammadu Buhari arrival in New York City, USA. Sir, in view of the above paraphrased reasons, we humbly urge you to immediately suspend or advice the President to immediately suspend Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd.) as the Interim Administrator.”

“More so that he has severally opined and boasted that the National Security Adviser cannot do anything in the matter as he (NSA) will also be gifted with $1,000,0,00 (One Million dollars). What a ridicule to your highly referred name and position, Sir. Above all our request is also premised on the fact that in the event that nothing is done about this issue and Barry Tariye Ndiomu is allowed to pay over N3,800,000,000 (THREE BILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA) to these alleged 15 companies that never executed any contract, this might cause or resort to security unrest in the Niger Delta region and we humbly urge you to swiftly intervene in this matter,” the petition states.

MEANWHILE, a close aide to the Interim Administrator, who pleaded anonimity, describes the petition and the allegation it contained as “frivolous” and “absurd”, according to him, “this is a case of fruadulent individuals desperately trying to stop the end to the Amnesty programme where they have turned to their cash cow over years “

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