The Ekiti State Deputy Governor and Peoples Democratic Party candidate in the forthcoming July 14, 2018 gubernatorial election, Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka was at the Ekiti NLC House, Egbewa, Ado-Ekiti on Friday by invitation of the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Ekiti State Chapter to Jaw Jaw on his plans/manifesto for Ekiti development if he eventually emerge the governor of the State at the poll.

Prof. Kolapo Olusola who promised to make a printed copy of his plans for Ekiti as encapsulated in the acronym SHIELD, spoke extensively to the delight, conviction and satisfaction of the gathering. Members of the NMT Team present at the interactive session presents to you, snippets from the highly enlightening programme.

– I want to appreciate the support of NLC in this administration. I have for long been waiting for this opportunity to tell you very extensively what I have in stock, I am ready to be held accountable for my actions and inactions. I worked in the university for 24 years and I know how the actions of ASUU has helped improve the academic world, I might not have held any elective position at OAU ASUU but I am not a passive member.


– Permit me to give you the printed version of my SHIELD Agenda tomorrow where you can begin to treat one after the other as time goes on as well as hold me accountable when by the grace of God I become the governor.

– For me, I have penchant for excellence, lazy people can’t work with me. I must say I have great respect for the Ekiti virtues which include integrity, hardwork, dedication and trustworthiness.

– My Agenda is for Ekiti State generally, I believe better times will come, that the economic recession will not last forever. On the SHIELD Agenda, I intend to consolidate on the development this present administration has put in place. Ekiti is heading for greater height.

– On Security, I intend to pursue a crime free environment. As long as Satan is in the world, evil will not cease but our responsibility is to ensure the aim of the evil ones is not achieved. It’s my intention to support security forces with modern technological equipments. We don’t have good crime data base, my government will work with the police to have a very reliable one.

– We’ll work on effective administration of justice, some of our laws need ammendments, I wish to work with the judiciary to achieve this.

– I have a plan for Sustainable Human Capital Development, Education in itself is an investment in human capital, there will be opportunity for improved productivity. Giving a car gift to a civil servant is an incentive, seminars and workshops, training nationally and internationally is another. I will ensure training and retraining takes a front row in his administration.

– Technical Education will take a new turn under my administration, when I travelled abroad, I told myself that what I saw there must be replicated in Ekiti, we were able to convince the governor and today general overhaul of our technical schools has begun.

– The world Bank has a grant for technical education, we are working on that of Ado with #1.9b grant, we will work on the remaining three. Our sports and recreational world will be revived.

– For Social welfare, there will a database of people living with disabilities, we’ll have a reviewable database of the aged. We’ll set up Ekiti State Identity Management Board. There will be special, affordable health packages for the aged(70 upwards) and infants (0-5). With improved economy, they will be a construction of resort centre for the aged.

– There will be consideration for employment, people living with disabilities. I desire to have a special commission for people living with disabilities.

– Our stomach infrastructure will be modified and be continuous. On health care, there will be a massive upgrade of the existing health facilities. We will work on the existing gaps, the existing comprehensive hospitals will be upgraded to cottage hospitals. Our teaching hospital will be equipped with high-quality equipments such as MRI machine. Arinta waterfall has the capacity to generate power, Ikogosi, Arinta and other tourism potentials will be worked upon. Tourism bus stop with adequate security will be put in place.

– Our schools lack water and toilet facilities, there will be construction of toilet in schools, it may look small but it is very important. I am talking about modern toilet with water facilities, nobody is talking about pit toilets in this generation. It doesn’t matter what you say about O’School, the remodeling is standard, we need that in Ekiti. I worked as a consultant in the actualization of that project.

– There is need for construction of hostels for EKSU, this will be done through Public Private Partnership.

– On Leadership and governance, Starting from the recruitment process, there are deficiencies. There is serious need for training, Recruitment process in my administration will be transparent. We should learn to do things without favouritism. We should have the right candidate for the right job without compromising standards.

– After recruitment, there will be training and retraining. On study leave, workers going on study leave have to study courses relevant to your field. On Staff welfare, there will be prompt promotion. You don’t to tell me to pay salaries, I know where the shoe pinches.

– On outstanding salaries, by the grace of God, we’ll not carry all these outstanding salaries to my administration.

– There will be upward review of car and housing loans. There will be enhancement of the condition of service for senior officials. If there are laws to ammend to ensure workers especially in LG for them to get to the peak of their careers, it will be ammended.

– It is an aberration to say a secondary school principal can not rise to the position as high as that of the Permanent Secretary in the civil service, we’ll have Tutor generals in 3 senatorial districts.

– There is job security for every government worker in Ekiti, trust me, I will sack no one.

– The Core values of Ekiti which includes probity, integrity and accountability will be our values, there will be Reward, Recognition and Sanctions as applicable.

– I want to promise the NLC that this place will be remodelled, we’ll make it a befitting one. On Agriculture, Ekiti has signed an MOU with Lagos State on rice farming, this will keep about 9,000 youths busy. My administration will work on agriculture such that it will become our mainstay.

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