First I want to commend the president and minister for petroleum HE Muhammad’s Buhari, for speedily signing into law the PIB .

Secondly I thank the minister for state for petroleum chief Timipre Sylva for working so hard to get this bill signed in his time.

We as niger delta people didn’t bargain for 3% we wanted more but was promised 10% by the late president musa yar Adua but after all this years of politricking we eventually have to face the reality that we have no choice but settle for 3%.

We had the opportunity but blew it , our political leaders and representatives where ill prepared for leadership so when the chips were down they were not equipped to negotiate to our benefit.

Our leadership selection process is faulty and until we start paying more attention and scrutiny to the quality of leadership we present we will continue to cry over spilled milk.


House of reps gave 5% while senate passed 3% my take is , that was a window for lobbying the National Assembly in order to get the both houses to agree on 5% rather governors of the south went to gather in lagos and instead of putting resources together and lobby the upper house they were doing Aluta (we no go gree politics) and we eventually lost that window for 5%.

All this grand standing and accusations must stop and let us focus on the 3% and how we will use it to the benefit our communities .

IYC and INC must stop crying over spilt milk , there is now work to be done and if we are not careful others people will be planning to capitalize on this 3% for their pockets . while we are wasting precious time and the opportunity to build bridges and engage the presidency to ensure water tight state development commissions are set up to deal with real development issues that will positively impact our communities.

I see development commissions setup to manage the 3% onbehalf of the communities . Already governors are kicking cos they fear they may not have the opportunity to control that huge money . ‘’INC shine your eye if not una go dey block east west road while smart guys will be controlling our community wealth as it is in NDDC’’

3% will make a whole lot of difference in the lives of niger delta communities if we get the right framework and individuals to manage the process and this is the time to meaningfully engage the minister, chief Sylva and presidency.

3% with community participation as anticipated will hugely reduce vandalisation, criminality and environmental pollution that have devastated our communities , therefore this is the time to sensitize our people , educate them about this implication and opportunities in the PIB .

This PIB is a game changer especially from the near nothing position we are coming from to a 3% . Look at nddc it surviving with the 3% from IOCs and look where we are, if not for corruption we should be competing with the Dubai’s in terms of roads and infrastructure so let’s not waste time looking for who did or didn’t do what but focus on the positives which to me far out weigh the negative.

As for me, udengs Eradiri I will continue to appreciate Buhari for not wasting time in signing into law the beginning of progress and a milestone in the struggle for justice in the niger delta.

‘Half bread they say is better than chin chin’

With 3% we can use it to advance our people , educate them , empower them and continue to ask for more .

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