The recent revelations about the IGP and other intellectually challenged ministers in Buhari’s administration has brought into sharp focus the educational disparity between the South and Ndi transmissions.

This huge deficit in education in the North is one of the major obstacles to our national development and a blight. This is particularly tragic in view of the fact that political power and it’s obvious advantages has been with the North since 1966.

The principle of quota system and the concept of Federal character which was introduced by the North ostensibly to bridge the gaping gap between the South and Ndi transmission seems to have failed woefully, or even perhaps, served to compound the very ills they were created to heal. Both concepts have now proven to be fundementally flawed.The national disgrace and humiliation currently trending across the globe is even enhanced by the deafening silence of the President. Nigeria needs an immediate overhaul of her 1999 constitution.

Appointments at federal level must be made strictly on merit by a committee created specifically to identify and elevate merit over mediocrity. The federal character principle must be ditched. The unfair system of admisdion into tertiary institutions where certain sections of the country are admitted based on disproportionately lower points and grades than their mates from mostly southern states must be reviewed or abandoned. Nigeria cannot continue to be the object of ridicule in the eyes of the world. A country of 180million citizens has being consistently mocked, not for lack of talents and creative people but for allowing imbeciles, stark illiterates and those incapable of transmitting their messages without difficulties rule over them, using a federal character concept which has no place in the 21st century. I’m happy the IGP’s gaffe has brought Nigerians from across the divide, togetter by his inability to differentiate between transmit and transmission. It’s a national disgrace. Those who believe, as yours truly strongly does, that the North is our problem must wake up.


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