Ebere, the sibling of a Lagos-based businessman, Amarah Kennedy, who allegedly circulated the nude photos of two single mothers he dated, has condemned his action.

The woman, who lives abroad, said Kennedy had disgraced their family and urged law enforcement agencies in the state to track down his location and arrest him.

 While denying having a hand in the ordeals of the victims, she said she publicly disowned him due to his alleged criminal actions.

 Our correspondent had been following the activities of Kennedy, a former bank worker turned businessman, who was accused of circulating the nude photos of at least two single mothers he previously dated.

 The women, identified simply as Kester and Temi, met him on social media platforms at different times and fell in love with him after he promised them marriage and showered their kids with gifts.


 However, after disagreements, he shared their nude photos with them and demanded money with threats to make the images go viral.

 Despite collecting N140,000 from Kester, a widow, and N15,000 from Temi, he posted the images on Facebook and WhatsApp.

 After this reporter published a special report on the matter on Sunday, the 44-year-old became livid and swore to damage the women’s reputation further.

 He subsequently published Kester’s nudes on her church’s WhatsApp group platform and office social media pages.

 He also shared the photos with her late husband’s family members.

 The two women told Newsmen that Kennedy always talked proudly about Amarah and when they had issues with him, they approached her for help.

 Temi, in particular, said she was shocked when Kennedy sent her a snapshot of her discussion with Ebere and started posting her nudes as punishment for reporting him to his family member.

On Thursday, our correspondent reached out to Ebere to react to the allegation of complicity in the matter.

 She said, “The first time one of them told me about it via Facebook, the first thing I told her was to take it to the police. I said report him.

 “The conversation I had with him (subsequently) was that I had given the lady the go-ahead to arrest you since you want to be an animal. That was what I told him. I told him he would get arrested because he kept doing the nonsense.

“I am a woman myself; if somebody did that to me, I would also be traumatised because my kids would grow up to see that. Taking the screenshot and sending it to him was to tell him I wanted him arrested since he wanted to be stupid and act like someone that is not human. I told the lady that if she needed money, I would send it to her to get him arrested.” 

Ebere noted that Kennedy had no excuse for his action, adding that his defence of keeping money with the women was “a lie.”

The suspect’s sister said she stopped talking to him a long time ago and blocked him on all social media platforms “because he keeps bringing a bad image to the family; I don’t want to be associated with him.”

Ebere also confirmed that two women reported him to her via Facebook for alleged blackmail.

She said shortly after she engaged one of the women in the Facebook chat, she went public to disown Kennedy.

“I posted it on Facebook and I even tagged him that nobody should associate me with this animal. That was what I said. I want people to know that I have no business with him again.

“I reported him to everybody in the family and they talked to him. But he kept denying it. But I am glad it’s out there now. Even though it hurts my family, he should be arrested and dealt with.

“It’s unfortunate I am related to him. After everything, the family has done for him. See, I am telling you 100 percent, he should be dealt with so he does not have to try this nonsense anymore,” she added.

Ebere, while dissociating the family from Kennedy’s action, said their mum was elderly and the matter was taking a toll on her.

Recall that the police in Lagos had asked Kennedy to visit the command headquarters to clear himself of the allegations against him.

While speaking to Newsmen on Wednesday, Kennedy promised to be at the police office on Friday (today).

His aunt, Joy Lomu, said she believed Kennedy was under a spell, adding that he had been jobless for a while.

It was gathered that he studied accounting and graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Lomu said, “When I saw the news in the papers, I was ashamed of myself. Not even for him. I was ashamed. What he has done is not good. I must speak the truth because if I were the one, I wouldn’t be happy.”

Asked what she did when the victims called her before he started posting the nudes, she said she was surprised about the allegations.

“The Kennedy I know is not even working. We send him money sometimes. He used to work with a bank. The problem with him is juju,” she added.

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