The new Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani has said that he would work with his colleague Governors and members of the National and State Assemblies to make State Police a reality.

“I was in the forefront of advocacy for State Police in the 9th Senate. I strongly believe that State Police is the panacea for our perennial security challenges. Security is basically a local affair and it demands for a local approach,” he said..

The new Governor spoke at the Murtala Square Kaduna, venue of his inauguration ceremony on Monday.

His full remarks:




My compatriots, great citizens of Kaduna State, it is with immense gratitude to Allah SWT that I stand before you today as your newly elected and sworn-in Governor. I am deeply honoured and humbled by this privilege. Today, I pay deserved respect and tributes to all the founding fathers and contemporary leaders of Kaduna State, from the legendary Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello to the immediate past occupant of the exalted office, the phenomenal Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa’i. We shall remain eternally grateful to these great men for the strategic position Kaduna State continues to occupy in Nigeria.

2. Like our founding fathers desired, Kaduna State shall remain a center of learning and one of the leading industrial hubs in the North and the country in general. Indeed, I am extremely grateful to my leader and mentor, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa’i for building a legacy, that I will easily key into to ensure that the progress of this State continues, on all facets. I shall, as your Governor, put Kaduna State first, at all times. I undertake today, to keep the legendary leadership flag of Kaduna State flying very high and to continue to uphold the place of this great State as a political, economic, business, educational and social hub in Nigeria.

3. I am well aware that leadership is not just a job but a calling; and I am very conscious of the fact that as your Governor, the safety, security and welfare of the people of Kaduna State shall be the main focus of this administration in collaboration with the incoming members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly. I come prepared, very determined and imbued with a clear vision for the continued progress of Kaduna state. I am determined to run an administration that will not shy away from taking tough decisions for the greater good of our people. My administration shall undertake programmes and policies that will enhance productivity, encourage creativity and harness the rich diversity and cosmopolitan nature of this State. Our programmes and policies shall be people oriented. I shall run an all-inclusive government that shall leave no one or any part of Kaduna State behind.

4. It is common knowledge that these are tough times both on the economic and security fronts in Kaduna State and indeed the entire nation. In fact, the world at large is at the throes of economic meltdown. I am close to the people enough to know that things have become so tough for many families that they have become anxious and are even beginning to lose hope. For these people, I say to you that I know you, I see you, and I hear you loud and clear. I vow to you today, that as your Governor, I shall work round the clock, deploying all my God-given talents, modern governance tools and the most gifted personnel that this state can boast of, to not only alleviate your condition but to give the majority of our people sustained prosperity and hope again.

5. My administration will be guided by the principles of inclusiveness, fairness, justice and equity. There is no settler/indigene dichotomy in Kaduna State. We are all citizens of Kaduna State with equal rights, privileges and responsibilities. My government will be the government of all. Whether you voted for me or not, I have a responsibility towards you. I will be fair to all. I therefore urge you all to join me so that together we can take our dear state to a higher level.

6. My administration will strive to maximize Kaduna State’s unique competitive advantages. My mission is to speedily achieve a secure, peaceful and united Kaduna State that guarantees investment in our economy, hope and certainty for the future. Our people remain our strength and inspiration; the people shall be the priority of my administration. Only people-led programmes can deliver rapid sustainable development in Kaduna State.

7. Kaduna State has had its fair share of bloodletting and unnecessary destructions. To this end, this administration will  invest heavily in all legally permissible efforts, including deploying technology for security and law enforcement. Similarly, we shall be assisting the activities of the police, the military, para-military and other security agencies in the State. We shall also engage traditional, religious institutions and community leaders to ensure effective intelligence gathering as well as working towards peaceful and harmonious coexistence within the various communities.

8. The prevailing security situation in the country demands for a significant shift in the current structure. In this regards, I will work with my colleague Governors and members of the National and State Assemblies to make STATE POLICE a reality. I was in the forefront of advocacy for State Police in the 9th Senate. I strongly believe that State Police is the panacea for our perennial security challenges. Security is basically a local affair and it demands for a local approach.

9. My administration will consolidate and build on the unprecedented infrastructural upgrade, which was targeted at enhancing public welfare and accelerated economic growth. Going forward, we shall promote accelerated rural development by extending infrastructure to all local government areas with the goal of supporting our rural communities to achieve rapid economic growth.

10. Our governance agenda in the economic sector will seek to sustain the enviable status of Kaduna State as a foremost investment destination in Nigeria, attract investments across more sectors, create jobs and promote the transfer of technology.

11. Kaduna State under my leadership shall continue to focus on agriculture for food security and economic prosperity. We have perfected plans for the expansion of support for Agriculture in several areas.

12. This administration will be devoted to building and empowering people for development and prosperity. Our commitment to human capital development shall entail detailed focus on social welfare and empowerment through dedicated funds for women and youths, robust social investment programmes for vulnerable persons and extensive pro-poor interventions. We shall also ensure access to education for every child in the state from primary to secondary school; expand access to higher education through a multi-campus system for tertiary institutions; enhance Teachers’ Welfare & Teaching Standards; improve School Infrastructure; build ICT competence in our students from basic education level; and intensify investments in Technical & Vocational Education.

13. On Healthcare delivery, my administration will strengthen and expand the standard of services at the Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs). We will enrol more people into the Contributory Health Insurance Scheme, and extend health insurance cover to the poor and the vulnerable through the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund.

14. My dear brothers and sisters, the elections are over; it is time for the tough job of governance. I shall be a Governor for all. I plead with you all to work with us to achieve peace, safety and security across every community in this state. On my part, I will work assiduously to guarantee the safety and security of our hardworking farmers to actively return to their farms during the current farming season.

15. Before I end this inaugural address, I must not fail to pay tribute to my boss, mentor and long standing ally, the pace-setting, innovative and resourceful immediate past Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has changed the face of Kaduna State and made it the envy of all. His transformational leadership and developmental drive has redefined and raised the bar of governance. The high standards he has set is both a source of pride and a challenge to we his associates and loyalists. Sir, we  shall constantly feed off your huge wealth of experience in our journey to consolidate the good works you have  already started in Kaduna State.

16. Malam, as a gesture of our appreciation for your service, your hard work and dedication to make Kaduna great again, your commitment to putting people first, I hereby announce the renaming of the entire stretch of Rabah Road as Nasir El-Rufai Road. I have directed the Kaduna Capital Territory Authority to effect the renaming  of this 15km stretch of road which commences from the Eastern Bypass, through Malali, the NDA, across the Nnamdi Azikiwe Bypass and terminating at the Rigasa train station link road. This is the first road to link the eastern and western sector of the city. I am proud to name this project that encapsulates the vision of the urban renewal  programme after the man who is the visionary of the programme. Malam, we thank you again and again.

17. My immense gratitude goes to our great party, the APC for considering me worthy to fly the ticket of the party in the gubernatorial election. I am happy and fulfilled that I did not fail or compromise the confidence you reposed in me. My administration will be guided by the manifesto, policies and programmes  of the party. Similarly, I owe a debt of gratitude to my campaign team  and all those who contributed in one way or the other towards our success. I thank my dear wife and members of my family for their full support and the sacrifices they have made and will continue to make in view of my new assignment.

18. Finally, I must express my deep appreciation to the Civil Rights and Pro – Democracy Movement, and the media for their support and encouragement. I owe them a debt of gratitude for my steady rise in activism and politics. My administration will uphold the values of freedom, liberty, equality, justice and free speech. Our policies and programmes shall be tailored towards the progressive achievement of the people’s right to development, expanding the frontiers of fundamental rights and freedoms, and enhancing peaceful coexistence. It is a task we are committed to. With the support of the good people of Kaduna State we shall succeed.

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