Apostle Bodmas P. Kemepadei, DG of New Generation Leaders of Bayelsa, has maintained that the Bayelsa state Operations of Tantita Security Services Ltd. under the Coordination of Great Joshua Maciver has set the pace for peace in the state through the employment and engagement of youths.

Apostle Kemepadei, in a statement on Thursday, noted that through the coordinated efforts of Great Joshua Maciver in the Bayelsa state operations, illegal oil bunkering which has negatively affected both land and Aquatic lives has been reduced, creating room for environmental reclamation.

Acknowledging Chief Oweizidei Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo, for funding the initiative, Apostle Kemepadei said sea piracy, kidnapping and other social vices characterizing the Bayelsa waterways has been drastically mitigated.

According to him ”the pace of employment and engagement of youths is already setting the pace for peace in Bayelsa state.

“An initiative Inspired by Godfrey Pondi alias Dibia, King of the Youths (GM operations TANTITA), funded by High Chief Oweizidei Ekpemupolo alias Tompolo, currently being implemented by Great Joshua Maciver to foster calm is already yielding positive results through TANTITA security services operations in the state.


“Great Joshua MacIver’s Tantita coordination focusing on peaceful coexistence in Bayelsa State; Tantita has channeled a path of Peace and progress through Tompolo.

“However, in what seems like a negative narrative in the history of Bayelsa State, the era of sea piracy, kidnapping and other social vices that fostered in the waterways has since been mitigated by Joshua’s Tantita operations. The rising surge of illegal oil bunkering which long-standing impact has affected both Aquatic lives and Lands has been drastically reduced giving way for greater turn of reclaiming our environment.

“Moreso, Joshua’s Tantita operations has impacted lives of our people through massive job engagement and helped to improve the living standard of our people and has giving chances for meaningful survival for families economically and otherwise. The Economic progress of beneficiaries of Tantita in Bayelsa State has not only reduced poverty but is leading a greater pace for the Peace enjoyed in the state.

“As a welcome development, it is interesting to note that Joshua’s Tantita operations is not domiciled in the waterways alone but has spread to all nooks and crannies of the state capital; whereby a large number of youth groups and stakeholders have been fully engaged to collaborate and synergize in the process of bringing sustainable peace and progress in the entire state.

“Interestingly, the unique coordination of Joshua Maciver in Tantita activities is leading the path to continuing peace and harmony amongst all. As building block to sustainable peace and development, Joshua MacIver has been making the right steps to ensure positive direction of his job description,” the statement reads.

Tantita Security Services Limited is a surveillance company engaged by the Federal government of Nigeria to ensure pipeline security across Bayelsa and parts of Delta state.

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