A 35yrs-0ld Gubernatorial candidate of the APP for the November 11th governorship elections in Bayelsa state, Hon. Kemelayefa Mercy Ogege has disclosed how she started the struggle while in a remote village of Angalabiri community in Sagbama Local Government Area, Bayelsa State.

Hon. Mercy Ogege revealed this on social media on Sunday how she did a lot of farming activities such as snail searching in the forest at night, farming, fishing and gathering of bush mangoes (Ogbono) while trapped in the village after the death of her Father.

In what she caption “I hope this helps someone,” the APP governorship Candidate who doubles as President, Ijaw Women Of Substance Worldwide, said she never gave up her dream of becoming a model despite life challenges in the village.

“Growing up in Angalabiri with my father as the headmaster of Angalabiri community Primary school 2, my mother, a farmer/Fisher Woman didn’t stop from dreaming. I had limited knowledge about modeling, but i saw myself as a model and envisioned my future, I spoke about my vision to anyone who cared to listen and sang it until everyone became bored of hearing.

“2006, l got admission to study law, in the university of Calabar, a week later, l lost my father to the cold hands of death. After my father’s burial, I was asked to join the Nigeria police, “Keme, you are tall, strong and bold, become a police officer” They advised.


“They didn’t see what i was seeing, “I want to be a model, a Beauty Queen, act movies, own companies. I want to marry a tall, flat belly cute man” I kept saying and one of my sisters said “Keme, you will be screened out the day you go to buy the beauty pageant form, do not waste your time” it broke my heart, that no one believed in my dreams.

“My admission was never spoken of, everyone left to the city, my mother and i were left in the village. There I was, my fate in my hands.

“My mother gave me a piece of land in the village, l cleared and planted cassava and sweet potatoes, I got some fishing hooks and started fishing. in the evenings, I took my touch light into the forest at our backyard to pick snails.

“When it was the season for bush mangos, I woke as early as 2am, took my mother’s small boat, paddle to the thick of the forest alone to pick bush mangos to sale, sometimes my sweet mother joined me. We paddled together, even when a bush mango is before her, she leaves them for me, so mine can be more than hers, (those who have experience in picking of mangos knows you dont leave for the next person, you drag and fight). Sometimes, when i stumble into bunch of bush mangoes, I would rush to pick all, so my mom wont get to them, unknown to me, she had seen them and left them for me.

“In the evenings, I sat in front of our mud house and began to write about my future, (That was how i wrote my first book, “Blood on Their Hands”) Everyone who saw me then, thought I had settled for the Village life. But I didn’t, l was working for my future, I never saw myself living in that village even when i was trapped there. I kept reading and writing, I traveled through books.

“May 2007, l carried a Ghana must go bag, with a very flat foam that had been used for over 30years given to me by my mother, pots and plate in it, l finally left the village for ughelli with N26,000 in my pocket, l got an apartment of 18,000 for a year, used the remaining amount to get okrika clothes from warri and started selling. Months later, l added the sales of madiga. I would travel to Bomadi to buy and sell in ughelli, while I also worked as a sales girl in a pharmacy, each money I made, l saved 60percent and managed 40percent.

“A year later l got admission to study Business administration. The next year, l published my very first book “Blood on their hands” the next year i published the second book,” Massacre Of The Innocent” 2011, l contested for Miss Bayelsa, 2012. I went for Miss Nigeria and got a modeling contract with with a modeling agency in Lagos and walked on international runways and was privileged to walk the runway of African Fashion show in 2013. l featured in a nollywood and Bayelsa movies, l became the Woman i wanted to be.

“At age 21 I started making millions, without a father or support from anyone, I opened businesses and became an employer from age 21 till date. I have authored over five books, spoke in both international and local Conferences, given scholarships, opened businesses for people, Contested for the House of Assembly seat and currently running for Governor.

“I wrote this not to brag about my achievements, but to motivate someone that nothing is impossible, don’t give up, l am begging You, don’t. If You keep pushing, You will be what You want to be.

“Be careful what You spend Your money on, spend on what You want to be, if you see me in person, You might be disappointed, I dont wear fancy clothes, shoes, jeweries. You know Why? it is not about the now, its about the next tens years.

“My dear, what is that one thing You want to do, fight for it, instead of fighting for a man or Woman, fight for success.

God bless you,” she said.

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