”My wife is a tough cookie, I mean tough. At times am convinced she’s from the lineage of d Pharaohs. Everyone that comes around our home will depart with tears. But she welcomes and highly sing praises of her family members. Recently, her cousin came around and I think her cousin likes me and to be honest this girl is an epitome of beauty. OMG! I told my wife I don’t want her around but she thinks am retaliating based on her previous behavior towards my family and friends. This girl is all over me. She keeps telling me how she desire me and I have warned her to take her eyes of me. My wife refused to let her go and this girl guaranteed me that she will get under my pant. At times she walks around d house in her Bra and pant when my wife is not home. Is that Bad! Now am in dilema. Should I compromise my stand in order for wife to let her go or I should tell her what her cousin is up to ? I know she won’t believe me. She would think am making it up in order to get rid of her Demonic cousin. Folks let me hear what you have to say.”

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