Health Tips: Why you must do regular body Checkup …”THE EARLIER..THE BETTER” by Dr. Lopsam

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?Just as a Car Engine needs periodic servicing for long lasting same also is human body. Some believe visiting an hospital/healthcare centre is until they are sick.

Do you know that a lots of health issues DAT have sent so many to early grave might have been treated if such as been going for Check-up before it get out of hand?

?BODY CHECK UP simply means comprehensive screening of all your body systems. Its offers a complete analysis of your current health status depending on your sex and age. Most people that have a full body check up do so because they are more concerned about the prevention and detection of diseases.

?BODY check-ups are designed to monitor a patient’s health, detect new health problems, formulate or adjust a health plan and to advise on new medications that might help alleviate symptoms of diseases.

We believe that you have to take special care of your body in order to live a healthy and productive life. This is especially true if you are diagnosed with a disease or have a family history of disease. A health checkup is a necessary step in taking control of your life and longevity

?Do you agree with me that most ailment don’t show-up until it as destroy a major portion in the body? Even if you feel fine, that is no reason to put off a thorough checkup but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can diagnose yourself. Maintaining your health with a routine checkup will catch any issues before it become serious medical problem.

The early, the Better.

?Visit LOPSAM Natural Health CLINIC Akure Ondo state for a thorough Body CHECK

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