Award-winning screen diva and social justice advocate, Hilda Dokubo is keeping her Ijaw fans busy with one of her latest facebook posts.

Hilda wrote, “Apo! Ijaw men gather here! Is it true or is someone trying to spoil your b-d name? Where are my Ijaw women? Is it true or a misunderstanding of our men?”

That was in response to a post by a nameless man which she shared. It reads “I am an Ijaw man, even if we dey with two women at a time, we nor dey commot eye from another yellow woman wen get big y—ch…”

The charming actress’ post has attracted reactions from her fans; trust Netizens their views were divided. Many however agreed with the poster. That sounds surprising right?

Renner Victoria prosper wrote, mama na true o. Our brothers are like that, especially those from kalabari. But I think men from other tribes sef dey do am, so it’s a men’s thing. Las las, Ijaw men sabi pamper women wey dem love true true.”

Odey Jeyah agrees with the poster, “This is true nah. I know of an Ijaw man with 4 wives and numerous concubines.”


“No oooo that is olden days Ijaw men not this new generation. Ijaw men have been liberated from yellow women. We are now looking for God rearing women,” Clement Otor defends his folks.

Okwulora 1st daughter wrote, “One man said to me before his wife in 2015 where I was serving that ‘this is my wife’s room and this is my girlfriend’s room, my wife knows that I am a womaniser.’ I swear, I fainted 45 times.”

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