Twenty-six-year-old Benue man, Tersugh Aondona, has disclosed the reason behind his decision to marry three wives on the same day.

Aondona set social media agog and got tongues wagging after his marriage to three woman on January 31, 2024, came to public knowledge.

Speaking on his matrimonial decision, Aondona stated that his ownership of large farmland played a role in his decision to marry three wives at once.

Speaking during an interview with Punch, he also revealed that his father motivated him to have many wives.

Aondona, who is from Jato-Aka, Kwande Local Government Area of the middle belt State and focuses mainly on rice, yam, and cassavacultivation, said marrying three women simultaneously was to remove the acrimony and impasse that would arise if he were to marry them separately.

He said “It has always been in my plan to have multiple wives, stemming from my desire for many children and the need for help on my expansive farm. Before marrying them, I explained to each of the women that I needed their assistance on my farm, which is too large for me to manage alone.


“I chose to marry them on the same daybecause I noticed that it was challenging to marry another woman after being married to one already. It often leads to conflicts. My brother has been facing the issue of not being able to marry another woman after marrying his wife, who always opposes the idea. I noticed that if I married them one after the other, there would be conflicts among them, which might result in enmity, and there wouldn’t be peace at home and they would hardly have cordialrelationships. Therefore, I decided to marry the three of them at once to maintain peace and they agreed to have the wedding on the same day.

“However, if I notice that they want to misbehave, I will remind them of the promise they made when we met, and I will ask them why they agreed to be in such a relationship from the beginning if they knew they couldn’t maintain the peace”

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