“Early Marriage, Motherhood Has Affected My Career” – Regina Daniels cry-out

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Regina Daniels, a Nollywood film actress and model, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on October 10, 2000. She is the fifth of six children born to Rita Daniels who’s also an actress. Despite being so young, Regina has come a long way in the movie industry, having started as a child actor. In this interview with Daily Trust Saturday , the delectable actress talks about her journey to Nollywood, motherhood, and sundry issues.

Weekend Magazine: Who is Regina Daniels?

Regina Daniels: I am a Nollywood actress from Delta State and a Mass communications final year student. Most importantly, I identify as a wife and also a mother.

WM: When did your passion for acting start?

Regina: My passion for acting started at a very young age and it was my mum who actually built the passion for acting. She put me through the most important things I needed to know as an actress and everything pertaining to the film industry.

WM: What actors inspired you?

Regina: I will say Mercy Johnson Okojie was one of the actors that inspired me when I started acting. I had seen a couple of her movies and loved how versatile she was with her roles.

WM: Was is difficult establishing yourself in Nollywood?

Regina: No, it was not. Luckily for me, my mum had already established a name for herself in the Nollywood industry. She would help me get roles, she would filter out the ones I could play and the one’s that I could not. She also helped me practice my lines until I got them right. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by a role, she would encourage me and push me to give it my best.

WM: Describe your most challenging role?

Regina: I will say it was when I had to play the role of a twin for a movie called “my evil twin sister”. One of the twins was a well-behaved child and the other was a wayward child. First off, I had to learn two different scripts and I had to always change my hair, makeup and wardrobe during filming. I found it be very stressful and energy draining.

WM: What do you like most about your career?

Regina: I love the fact that everyone comes together and we can all be a family. I admire the collective effort of the team. I love the fact that for a story to come to life, everyone must have an input towards the success of the project.

WM: Are there any other professions you’d like to explore?

Regina: Yes. I would say for now I’ve considered being an entrepreneur and going into business, although I have not decided what business but entrepreneurship is what I have on my mind.

WM: How does being a mum and wife affect your career?

Regina: I will be lying if I say it has not affected my career. When I was a single lady, I could accept any role and pack up my bags to wherever the movie production was going to take place but now, I have to consider my status as a wife, consider the security and safety of the place because of my child. I also have to consider how long I will be on production because my time is now being shared between my career, my child and my husband.

WM: Have you ever received a negative review for a role and how did you react?

Regina: I would not call it a negative review but I remember when I just started acting, I found it hard to cry on set. Directors would always complain when it was time for me to cry on set and I could not. They would end up calling my mum and complain that I could not act all because I couldn’t cry for a particular scene.

WM: Where do you see your career in the next five years?

Regina: In the next five years, I aim to be producing and directing movies of my own. I will like to be deeply involved with what goes on behind the cameras.

WM: What advice would you give ladies who want to go into acting

Regina: Everyone knows that the movie industry is a difficult place, they are so many obstacles that await whoever wants to start the journey and being a female, you will always have producers and directors try to take advantage of you. My advice to anyone who wants to join the industry is this; there is no easy path to success, it is important that you know yourself, know your worth, believe in your talents and then watch your career grow.

SOURCE: Daily Trust

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