Former President Olusegun Obasanjo


It is illogical, dubious, mischievious and dangerous for someone of your status in to say the Oil and Gas deposited by God Almighty in Ijaw Land and Niger Delta belongs to all in Nigeria as a country with tribal differences and ethnic diversity.

Your outburst is clearly born out of tribal hatred, uncontrollable envy and unwarranted jealous, because you never say the same in the case of the resources God deposited in Yoruba Land.

It is therefore, pertinent for me to vehimently state here that our God given Oil and Gas is been forcefully stolen for decades by the Cabals and Mafias in your tribes (Yorubas), and the Northerners in the prtext of Government. But that does not give you or anyone the moral justification to proclaim ownership of resources that is far away from your land.

The resources in Ijaw Land and Niger Delta region solely belongs to the Ijaws and the Niger Deltans, the same way other Natural resources, like Gold, uranium, Diamond, Charcoal, Bitumen, etc in other Lands and regions belongs to people in those Lands and regions.


The already known perception has only become more and more obvious that those who stole our Ijaw and Niger Delta oil wealth are determine to persist in holding onto it by all means.

Sir, if the Oil and Gas in Ijaw Land and Niger Delta region belong to all Nigerian tribes because God put the resources under the ground of our land and region as you angrily said, why is the story different when it comes to the Gold He put under the ground of Zamfara?
Why is our Oil made Public/General and the Zamfara Gold made Private/Personal?
Is the God of Our Oil and Gas different from the God of Zamfara Gold?
Is He not the same God that put the resources under the ground of different Land?

Sir, your angry outburst towards the INC General Secretary and claim of ownership of the resources deposited in Ijaw Land and Niger Delta by God Almighty is a rude injustice, deliberate immorality and an open fallacy, which is capable of giving birth to unimaginable degree of chaos, unrest and perpetual administrative bottlenecks.

Sir, as an Ex- President and an Elder Statesman, you are expected to stand by the natural truth, without bias or ethnic favouritism. You should right your wrongs committed against Ijaw Land during your dispensation, using opportunities of platforms like this–Global Peace Forum.

Nevertheless, it is hightime you desist from being an enemy to the Oil rich Niger Delta, because your continues demonstration of enemity with Commando-style against Ijaw Land, while addressing salient National issues in connection of our well-being and well-fare is not profitable to the Nigerian State , as it’s not an attribute of patriotism.

Respectfully speaking sir, you are remembered for doing Ijaw Land more harm than good. It is therefore, required of you to mend the damaged fences during your administration, if you mean well for Niger Delta and Nigeria in general.

However, I must without mincing words, re-echo to whoever that care to hear that the Oil and Gas Deposit in Ijaw Land is God’s gift to Ijaws, it is only been stolen from us in the name Government, using State apparatus. This is the open fact, either you accept it or not.

Albeit, God will continue to protect us, (Ijaw), from any wicked and envious parasite, and as well, deliver us from every dubious and evil-minded scavenger trying to intimidate and bully us, just because they have the chance to steal, mismanage and embezzle our God’s given natural resources in the disguise of Government.

Yours Frankly,
Comrade Samson O Ajagbini
President (FIYE).

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