Africa is a continent of the world comprising of South, East, West and North regions. In some parts of west Prostitution is considered legal.

Prostitution occurs when a person engages in intercourse in exchange for money. Acccording to, money is the main drive for about 85% prostitutes in the world. This is because, prostitution is regarded as one of the easiest way to make money as it doesn’t require any form of start up capital.

Prostitution is legalized in some African countries in order to reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, help people out of poverty, remove prostitutes from the streets and allow consenting adults to make their own decisions.

Top 8 African countries where prostitution is legalized include:

  1. Algeria: prostitution in this country is legal and this was done to reduce human trafficking and provide the government better control over the activities of prostitutes within the country.
  2. Benin Republic: UNAIDS estimates shows that there are about 15,000 prostitutes in Benin Republic. Though prostitution is legal, brothel keeping and financially exploiting prostitutes are illegal.
  3. Burkinafaso: All mentioned that this country is the most sexually active country in Africa with birth rate of 42.42%. prostitution was legalized in the country to help curb crime and poverty.
  4. Cote d’ivoire: prostitution is legal, however soliciting, pandering or running brothels are illegal.
  5. Malawi: prostitution is legal and sex workers are protected against exploitation, hence living off the proceeds of prostitution is illegal.
  6. Senegal: under Senegal’s Penal Code (article 318 to 327), prostitution is legal, sex workers must be 21 years old. They must register with the police, carry a valid ID and health card as well as test negative for sexually transmitted infections in order to be allowed to work legally.
  7. Togo: prostitution is legal but soliciting I’m public is illegal.
  8. Zambia: Prostitution is legal, UNAIDS estate shows that there are over 9,285 prostitutes in the state capital, Lusaka. Some of these prostitutes are from nearby African countries. Though prostitution is legal, soliciting and procuring are prohibited.
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