• Woman who hid N1.5 billion lottery win from husband and then divorced him thereafter got court ruling
  • The Husband fortunately found out from a misdirected letter and sued her for it and the
  • Judge awarded him all the money and said that the woman acted fraudulently and maliciously

A woman in the US had to give up her N1.5 billion lottery prize to her former husband after she hid the money from him during their divorce. 

The woman, Denise Rossi, won the jackpot 11 days before she filed for divorce from Thomas Rossi, her husband of 25 years. 

Woman divorces husband after winning lottery
Courts asks the woman to give everything to husband. Photo credit: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Court rules in favour of husband

She did not tell him or the court about her winnings and hoped to keep them for herself.

However, her plan backfired when a letter from a company that paid lottery winners was mistakenly sent to Thomas’s apartment two years after their separation. 


Thomas was stunned to learn that his ex-wife had won N1.5 billion in the California State Lottery and had been receiving N25 million every year. 

He sued her for violating the state’s asset disclosure laws and for acting fraudulently and maliciously.

A Los Angeles family court judge agreed with Thomas and awarded him all of Denise’s lottery money.

The judge said that Denise could have kept half of the money if she had been honest from the start, but she lost her right to it by concealing it.

Man makes love to his wife, gets her pregnant after they filed for divorce

Meanwhile, NAIJA LIVE TV earlier reported that a woman who wanted to divorce her husband has been impregnated by the same man she wanted to leave. 

The man and his wife were said to have agreed to go their separate ways, and they approached a court to end their relationship.

According to the post on Twitter, the man’s wife left the house and checked into another apartment away from her husband.

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