“I know who you are and what you do to get your money. If you do not stop calling my name or any of my family’s names, I will expose you. I will tell the world who you are.”

These were comments from the trending video of Sadiya Marshall, a popular commentator and businesswoman, against Laylah Othman, an Abuja-based social commentator and entrepreneur.

Arewa social media has been agog since Saturday when Marshall posted a video on Facebook threatening to reveal her erstwhile best friend’s ‘‘dirty secrets’’.

Among other things, Sadiya alleged that Laylah, who married Yusuf Gagdi, a member of the House of Representatives, in 2023, has a series of secret relationships.

Trouble began when an associate of Marshall leaked an audio conversation between himself and Laylah, wherein the latter described her friend as a talkative and troublesome person.

Sadiya’s social media outbursts were a response to her friend’s remarks.




In the 13-minute video recorded in Hausa, Sadiya warned Laylah to steer clear of her and stop talking about her in her conversations.

“I have heard what you said, and you said I am troublesome. Let me tell you, and open your ears wide. Never did you call my name or any family member in any of your waffles from today. You know I know who you are and all your secrets. I will expose you to the world if you try me again. Who do you think you are? Calling me a troublesome person did not sit well with me, and I am warning you to seal up your mouth, or I will expose you to the world.

“You started by brainwashing young girls not to respect their husbands and to be feminist in their dealings. You also lied that you will not marry a married man again in many of your interviews on social media. Yet you married a family man now, a member of the House of Representatives.

“You think we don’t know why you married him. We know it is about his money. And you have the plan to divorce him when he leaves office. I know all your boyfriends and what you do to them.”

Sadiya accused Laylah of sending ‘nude’ pictures and videos to some of her boyfriends in Abuja, claiming they were in her (Marshal’s) possession.

“I have your videos, photos, and even audio conversations of what you do and what you tell people about me. They record and send it to me. If you speak again, I will expose you and tell the world who you are. I want you to know that I was the one who recommended Abdulrasheed Maina, who was at Kuje prison in Abuja, to patronise your restaurant.

“That they should buy food for him from you. I know all your hidden and dangerous escapades, all your boyfriends. You hide under your restaurant to pretend that is where you make money from. That is a lie, and we know what you are doing.”

Sadiya also said that her friend had a false identity.

‘‘I dare you to deny changing your name from Hauwa Ali to Laylah Othman. That was your reality, but you changed it because you are not proud of yourself and your family.”

Laylah has not responded to her friend’s outburst nor released a statement.

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