Why Smokers should Quit Smoking – Dr Lopsam

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Are you ready to quit smoking? 

??Being clear about your own purpose behind quitting smoking can help you to stay positive while you are turning into a non-smoker. 

??To quit smoking now is the best thing you can do for your health. On the off chance that you quit smoking today, you will have a considerable effect on your current and future health. 

??Smoking not only abbreviates the life expectancy, but also affects the quality of life.

 *Let’s examine few considerations to quit smoking:* 

1. Well Being Reasons

These can be divided into short term and long term reasons. The short term reasons are:

??√ Your heart beat and blood pressure come back to ordinary.

??√ You have more vitality in light of the fact that your lungs are working better.

??√ Carbon monoxide in your blood diminishes drastically inside (of )24 hours of your last cigarette. This implies your blood can convey more oxygen (around/in) your body.

??√ Your taste and smell makes strides.

??√ You feel better as you sleep better.

??√ Your immune system is working better (inside —of 1 month of quitting) as you are not falling ill as regularly as of time that when you were smoking.

??However, smoking damages verging on each organ in your body – not only your lungs. You cannot visibly identify the harm smoking is doing on the grounds that it deteriorates your body gradually. 

 _The Long term well being reasons for quitting are:_ 

??= Smoking increments the scope of tumors (not simply lung cancer) and affects your major organs.

??= Smoking increments the scope of infertility, visual impairment, dental diseases, and many more.

??= Ladies who smoke and use the oral contraceptive pills are 10 times more inclined towards coronary illness than nonsmokers who uses such pills.

??= Men who smoke are more inclined towards impotence as smoking affects the sperm quality.

 *_*Social Reasons_** 

} Man is considered to be a social animal and some of the social reasons to quit smoking are:

??} You will no longer possess an aroma of cigarettes and smoke.

??} You won’t feel secluded in a group of non-smoker friends.

??} You won’t feel like a pariah any longer as you can now access non smoking entertainment zones.

??} You can spend more quality time with your family.

 _*Financial Reasons:*_ 

Let’s do some math here:

• In 3 days you can save #500 which is enough to go to a dinner or a movie date with a loved one.

• In 1 month you can save #5,000 which is enough to go to buy new clothes or go on a weekend holiday trip with your wife.

• In 6 months you can save #30,000 which is quite a big amount to fulfill many of your dreams.

To conclude, these are not the only reasons to quit smoking. *To quit smoking means to free yourself from nicotine addiction.* Your confidence level boost up as you feel and look better. You can save both time and money to spend quality time with your family and friends. 

? _So next time before you take out another cigarette out of your pocket, remember that you are heading towards a dead end. *_ *Always remember- “Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health”.**

Dr (Mrs) Lopsam


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