Penultimate last week, I was shocked by what I saw at a popular night Club in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital.

I witnessed a pathetic scene in which able body young girls and boys fall over one another to pick crispy naira notes being sprayed by Internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo boys.

The pathetic scene, I was told by friends, is a rising trend at Night clubs in the State capital. These Yahoo-Yahoo boys, who were allegedly chased out of their former base by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) have found a haven in the Bayelsa capital.

Unlike the elderly wise saying, “before a man promise to sow new clothe for you, evaluate what he is putting on”, these poorly dressed Yahoo-Yahoo boys with shorts, T-shirt, socks, and slippers, throw around buddle of monies under the guise of birthday celebrations.

They not only spray the money. But threw it into the air and landed anywhere. Including on the tables of those not interested in what they have termed “evil” money. Many described the boys’ ill-timed generosity as an evil requirement needed to secure more wealth.


While others claimed that such “questionable” wealth comes from some diabolical means and that destinies of “young, poorly brought up and lose girls” are needed to secure a constant flow of such wealth. A well-trained girl is not expected to pick wards of notes being thrown by a young boy whose source of livelihood is not known or genuine.

What I saw at the nightclub left me awed and made me realize that poverty has eaten deep into the lives of some girls in Yenagoa and other capital cities. Even those working in these nightclubs abandon their duties and scamper for flying naira notes.

The frenzy among the “picking” girls is such that wigs get yanked off, and undies get displayed without care. And some are reportedly injured while struggling to get their share of the yahoo loot.

Some of the girls claim that, after a good picking battle at the club, they go home with as much as N70, 000 and other days, N39, 000. They assure me that such money is better than some genuine working girls’ wages in a month.

Shocking to many, however, is the fact that the managers of these Night Clubs call them to come and pick Yahoo-Yahoo monies. They invite the girls under the guise of a birthday party to the club.

According to some of the girls, it’s free money! One of the Girls told me without a care in the world, that since she started picking the monies at clubs, she doesn’t sell her body again to feed. And that the money arguments whatever she is making selling cheap refilled oil perfumes.

When I told her that her destiny may have been used by the Yahoo Yahoo boys. She simply told me that in Nigeria, there is nothing like Destiny,” the politicians have killed every destiny there is among the youths, No need for destiny issue.”

Further inquiries later revealed that many chains were involved in the process for the young Yahoo-Yahoo boys.

First, they get senior management of the Night Club who is connected to Banks, particularly the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the links within the commercial banks and the CBN provide the crispy notes that the Yahoo Boys spent.

When contacted by the Yahoo Yahoo boys, the senior management staff of the Night Club will in turn contact the Links within the banks and a very huge amount of monies are ferried to him for a safe keep for the boys till the D-day. Expectedly, a huge commission is shared along with the links and it erases any trace of a legitimate transaction to the watchful eyes of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

To the ordinary Nigerian out to relax and catch fun at nightclubs, you may go back home feeling sorry for yourself and the immoral carnage in the country called Nigeria.

Osaro Okhomina is a staff of Leadership Newspapers based in Abuja.

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