Love has no rhyme or reason; a person can fall in love with anyone or anything. From big to small, it can be their personality, their profession, their habits, or their gear-changing style! You can fall in love with any one of them, if not all.

Recently, a Pakistani woman fell in love with a driver. And the reason for this love affair is not his good looks, charming personality, or even his money and property. The reason is a humble and bizarre driver’s gear changing style. Talk about great driving skills. The two are not married, here’s the story.

Pakistani woman fell in love with driver’s gear-changing style

In a bizarre act of love, a Pakistani woman from a well-to-do family fell in love with the way he changed gears while driving the car. The couple got married recently. The woman, whose identity is not revealed, said in an interview with Daily Pakistan that her husband, a former driver, used to give her driving lessons. That’s when she fell in love with him after appreciating the way he changed gears when he drove the car. A little too appreciated, if we may add.

Tempted to hold his hand while he changed gears

The woman, who is now married to her former driver, said that she was tempted to hold his hand while he changed gear in the car. 

She further explained that she loved the way he used to move his hands while changing the gears and added that she was tempted to hold his hands when he switched the gears while driving.


The woman was also asked to dedicate a song to her husband. She chose an appropriate song according to their love story, which she dedicated, ‘Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho Aur Chabi Kho Jaye’. She even hummed a few lyrics of the song for the lover of her life. Adding to this, the husband jokingly said, “Chabi Gum”, He laughed and replied that the car has also been lost. 

52-Year-Old Pakistani teacher marries 20-year-old student 

In another bizarre incident of love and marriage from Pakistan, a 52-year-old teacher married his 20-year-old undergraduate student after both of them fell in love. The teacher initially rejected the proposal, but after a week, he agreed to marry his student.

The story goes like this: The undergraduate student majoring in B.Com, Zoya Noor, fell in love with her teacher, Sajid Ali,’s standout personality. Sajid mentioned that he had no reservations about marrying his student and asked for a week. Zoya liked the way her teacher taught, and Sajid is a fan of the food she cooks and the tea she makes.

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