Human rights activist, Adetoun Onajobi has revealed her husband had 87 girlfriends when she met him.

In a recent interview on the WithChude podcast, Adetoun stated that some of the ladies did everything they could to bring down her marriage.

She stated that one of the 87 ladies was “a pure mermaid” who often appeared to her husband.

The activist stated that in order to end her husband’s promiscuous lifestyle and rescue her marriage, she had to engage in both physical and spiritual battle.

“My husband had 87 girlfriends that he was sleeping with.” she said.

“The girls that he was sleeping with. Baba Ashabi will tell me that… Let me even shock you, he will tell me that he is looking for a job for them. I said, ‘You who has no job, where is your recruitment center? Where are you looking for a job for them? You have left Lagos, you are the one looking for a job for them. Baba Ashabi!


“So when people tell me men can not change, I tell them you have not experienced mine. I took it one step at a time. Spiritually, there was one who was a pure mermaid. This one will even come and appear to Baba Ashabi. There was a day we were supposed to travel together, and Baba Ashabi pleaded with the lady that he would not go with me but would come to meet her mother and plead with her.

“So, Chude, one after the other, I fought the battle. Some people came with revenge: he got me pregnant and said he would not collect it. Another one came and said she dated him for 15 years; another one would say I have been with him for twenty-something years.

“Because I realised I am on an assignment in his life. He also struggled with it. If you send my husband a text message on his phone, I will receive the same message. If you chat with my husband, I will receive the same message. I took my time to understand what he had gone through.”

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