A Transparency group, the Global Transparency Initiative (GTI) has described as “wide off allegation” and” calculated blackmail” the recent claims made against the GGM (Group General Manager) of Nigerian Upstream Investment Services (NUIS formerly NAPIMS) Mr. Bala Wunti over allege involvement in the last presidential elections and acquisition of luxury properties.

According to the GTI, despite the fact that no serious, credible, reliable and conventional news organisations published such libelous content, the claims is a hatchet job commissioned by those eyeing Bala Wunti’s job position.

Some online medium had recently published a report calling for the sack of Mr. Bala Wunti over alleged involvement in acquisition of luxury properties and sponsorship of a Presidential candidate during the last elections.

But the Global Transparency Initiatives, with offices in the six geo-political zones, through its National Coordinator, Comrade Dennis Aladei, in a statement issued via electronic mail on Wednesday, stated that the allegations were sponsored and it is a campaign of calumny against the person of Mr. Bala Wunti, the GGM (Group General Manager) of Nigerian Upstream Investment Services (formerly NAPIMS) of the NNPCL.

According to Aladei, “from the pathos of the false accusations, one can clearly deduce that this is a hatchet job commissioned by those eyeing Bala Wunti’s job position. Making wide off allegations with no basis such as “He is reputed to, however, have a bias for acquiring luxury properties and has a mouthwatering property portfolio”


“From the above it is a no brainer to conclude that this is political skulduggery, as those who think or feel they should be compensated with Bala Wunti’s job position in the in-coming government are behind this libelous social media onslaught.”

“Of course all these could only have happened within the figment of their imaginations, Bala Wunti is no politician and has never contested for any political office neither is he a political party aficionado or operative”.

“It is a paradox and also instructive in exposing their intent that those hauling defamatory statements of corruption and marginalisation against Bala Wunti at the same breath are also making accusations against him for abandoning the family of the late Abba Kyari, former chief of staff to President Buhari, as they claim he was a “benefactor” to Bala Wunti”

“Our question is, are they implying the late Kyari family are recipients of or are bankrolled with undue gratifications with public money and also where do they expect Bala Wunti to have such resources as a salary earner? We think the late Kyari’s family should sue them for the opprobrium brought against the family with such claims. May his soul rest in peace with the Creator. Lessons, he who seeks equity must do so with clean hands.”

“The spurious and defamatory allegations continued;

“Despite this challenge in the nation’s oil development, Bala Wunti, due to his greed, personal interest, and inherent fraudulent character, is willing to frustrate this field (Bonga) development to the detriment of the sufferings and yelling of the nation and Nigerians in general.” Can we safely say that this faceless and dubious group speaks for SNEPco?”

“We are stating for the records without ambiguity and fear of contradiction that Bala Wunti has been guided by the interest of Nigeria’s government, her stake and the implementation of due diligence in the operations of NAPIMS as against the entrenched, obscure and manipulative interest of a blackmailing few.”

“We ask where were these faceless groups when crude oil production plummeted to an all time low before the current NNPCL leadership policies and actions reversed the ugly trends and we are now back to record and unhindered productions, or are they part of the criminal cartel in the oil and gas industry that has bled this country hitherto?”

“On the contrary we boldly states that Bala Wunti is the embodiment of an unassuming and fine technocrat, administrator and gentleman, he’s the quintessential public servant.”

“Bala Wunti is a strong believer, supporter and an integral part of the current NNPCL progressive structures and policies that has been put in place across board to reposition the organisation for effectiveness, efficiency and profitability by the able, innovative and exemplary leadership of Mallam Melee Kyari, the results are evident.”

We will convey this as a notice that legal actions will be taken against those involved in these libelious attacks on the person of Mr. Bala Wunti.”

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