Arising from criticisms and the misinterpretation of the activities of the first internal security outfit in Bayelsa state known as Famu-Tangbe, some Baylesans have come out to speak to address the wrong impression that the security outfit did more arm than good.

In his own analyses on the impact made, a social media user, Kariyai Daukoru, pointed out that the first of its kind security outfit, established by H.E (Chief) Timipre Sylva, helped to tackle the numerous security challenges faced at the time when he was governor of Bayelsa state.

Kariyai Daukoru, in what he titled ‘THE TRUTH ABOUT FAMU-TANGBE’ explained that adnistrations after Chief Timipre Sylva, has made Bayelsans ‘cold-hearted murderers’ as jungle justice has become a norm in the state as a result of failure of government to provide needed security. That people now take laws into their hands by killing anyone caught in any act of robbery because the current state security outfits are weak and does not ensure required justice.

He recounted how Yenagoa was a den of cultists and other bad elements which made most places in the city unlivable as they operate in broad-daylight, robbing residents and business people their hard earned belongings.

Responding to the people black-painting the then security outfit, Daukoru said it is unfortunate, that people, because of politics have forgotten the fact that they were able to sleep soundly in their houses knowing that a FAMU-TANGBE van is at their junction.


“Some years ago, Small-Boy Danger was murdered. It was an extrajudicial killing, one I’d not condemn with my full chest no matter how much I’d love to. You see, Small-Boy Danger was exactly just as his name implied. He terrorized Kpansia, Yenizue-Epie, Akenfa, Ekeki, where in Yenagoa did not feel the terror of this small boy, yet danger.

“Did I say he was murdered? Did I say it was an extrajudicial killing? Well, that is what his family and friends will tell you. They’ll tell you small boy danger was innocent and he’s one of the many innocent people FAMU-TANGBE killed. First, l am going to tell you how small boy Danger died.

“Small-Boy Danger was caught at Akenfa, after one of his operations, he was handcuffed and kept at the back of a police (FAMU-TANGBE supposedly) van. I do not know where they where taking him to but at around Pepperoni, the young man jumped from the van, hit his head on the pavement separating the Imbiama Yenagoa road and had his brains splattered all over the place. That was the end of Small -Boy Danger.

“My name is Kariyai and I lived in Yenagoa when it was a den of cultists. I lived in Yenagoa, when places like down Yenagoa, Onopa, Obele, back of Amarata, Ompadec, Kpansia, Swali and others were marked red zones.

“I lived in Yenagoa when cult boys openly clashed in cult wars. Ilived in Yenagoa when green landers, ice landers, mirinda boys, dey bam and what ever the name you call them were celebrity killers on the streets of Yenagoa, snatching phones and taking along any life that comes with it. I lived in Yenagoa when Yenagoa was in dire need of a force to restore peace and order.

“I lived in Yenagoa when FAMU-TANGBE was introduced. I walked the streets of Yenagoa, i passed through their various check points unarmed, unquestioned, searched when necessary without any form of brutalization. I watched them carry away young boys with coke and weed in their possession.

“Today because of politics, Bayelsans have forgotten that they asked for FAMU-TANGBE. Bayelsans have forgotten that they slept soundly in their houses knowing a FAMU-TANGBE van was at their junction. Today, politics have painted all the hard work of those officers as evil, develish and uncalled for. Politics have painted them as killers of no one but innocent Bayelsans.

“Even though those in their upstairs will crucify FAMU-TANGBE for obvious political reasons. Those of you who lived in places like Kpansia, Yenizue Epie, Okaka, Amarata, Swali, Onopa and the likes should have your lips shut. Without those men, some of you will be in your graves haven been killed by blood thirsty cultists.

“They’ll tell you, FAMU-TANGBE was used by the then governor to kill those who opposed his government. Tell them to point you in the direction of the house of a man/woman who was murdered during that governors tenure and was an against the governor. They’ll have no one to point to. They’ll say FAMU-TANGBE murdered innocent people. Ask them to show you, they’ll start with, there is this my friends elder sisters cousin! Believe me, they know no innocent one. If they do, let them drop it in the comment section.

“Seriake Dicksons and Diri’s tenure has made more Bayelsans cold hearted murderers as they dish out jungle justice in all corners of the state due to insecurity. From burning boys FROM Opolo, to Tombia, to Edepie, to the two young men burnt with their vehicles at Biogbolo,

“Right before my very eyes, Bayelsans have stoned to death, burnt young men alive and it is those same Bayelsans that’ll tell you FAMU-TANGBE is evil.

“There is a price to pay for peace. I am not saying FAMU-TANGBE was perfect in it’s distribution of justice but I can boldly tell you for free that the level to which the media aides are crucifying them is no where near what those officers did in the security of Bayelsa State.

“But like Ebube in his drive to keep his people safe in Nigeria’s classic movie ‘Issakaba’, it was his own people that turned on him and his boys. It was his own people whom he kept safe for years that accused him of murdering innocent people. lt was his own people whom he protected that stoned him and his boys.

“When the bad boys returned, they said, ‘Ebube Please come back’ was the next script. In Yenagoa, when the bad boys returned, jungle justice became a norm. Today we are arguing in Bayelsa State if it is right to burn a petty thief to death, because FAMU-TANGBE is no longer there to provide security. DAMN MURDERERS!

“FAMU-TANGBE secured Bayelsa when they were given the responsibility. They did their job and they did it well,” he said.

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