The popular reality TV show, Big Brother Titans, is gradually coming to an end. Sunday Scoop takes a look at what happened in the house this week

Miracle, Blue Aiva, Nana evicted

The live eviction show on Sunday, March 19, 2023, ended with mixed feelings for the housemates. While Miracle, Blue Aiva and Nana ended their stay in the house, the other nominated housemates— Kanaga Jnr, Nana, Thabang, Miracle Op, Tsatsii, Khosi, Yvonne, Blue Aiva were full of joy that they were still in the race for the $100,000 grand prize.

However, of the three housemates that were evicted, Nana immediately left the house without bidding farewell to the ‘surviving’ contestants. When one of the hosts, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked why she didn’t say proper goodbyes, she stated that it was because of the way she felt at the moment. She said, “It was not needed. It would have made me emotional if I hugged everybody. That is why I had to leave.”

She however noted that the show was a beautiful experience for her.


Tsatii is Head of House

South African contestant, Tsatsii, emerged the week’s Head of House after winning the game at the arena.

Tagged Money, Money, Money, housemates were required to row a dice of odd numbers for the first challenge.

For the second challenge, housemates were given blocks to make a replica of a castle provided by Big Brother. Thabang and Tsatsii won this stage and qualified for the final round of the game.

For the final challenge, Thabang and Tsatsii were asked to pick a suitcase containing gold coins among 20 suitcases. The housemate whose suitcase contained the highest number of coins was then declared the winner of the game, and Head of House.

Thabang’s suitcase contained 10 gold coins, while Tsatsii’s had 18 of them. After becoming the HoH, Tsatsii then nominated Kanaga Jnr as her guest in the HoH’s luxurious bedroom.

Housemates rock pool party

The Thursday pool parties are undoubtedly one of the highlights of the show. And, this week was no different, as the housemates let down their guards and had fun, especially because they know that the show will end soon.

Dancing to music wafting from the loudspeakers, the contestants enjoyed themselves to the hilt.

Khosi bares mind to Big Brother

During her dairy session with Big Brother, Khosi lamented that on different occasions, she had heard some of the housemates gossiping about her. She said,

“There was a time I pretended to be sleeping, and I heard some stuff. The people talking were Justin, Ipeleng and someone else that I don’t remember.

“According to them, they were wondering why I would wake up in the morning, dress up and apply make-up. Meanwhile, some other housemates could do similar things, and no one would question them. I don’t know what is wrong with dressing up and using make-up while in the house. I wonder why it bothers them so much, because that was not the first time I would hear Ipeleng say that.”

In his response, Biggie said, “Big Brother appreciates the efforts you put into looking so exquisite.”

Apparently enthused by Big Brother’s words, Khosi smiled gleefully and clapped her hands in excitement.

Who goes, who stays?

As the reality show enters its final week, there is expectedly a lot of tension in the house, with both housemates and viewers wondering who would eventually win the show.

However, at the eviction show tonight, it is almost certain that one of more persons will be sent packing from the house. It is left to be seen, who will stay in the competition till the final, and who will be sent packing just seven days away from D-day when one of them will leave the house at least $100,000 richer.

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