…allegation concocted to smear reputation of our client – accused Lawyer, Agbada S Agbada Reacted.

A Bayelsa born Medical Practitioner, Dr Enize-Tomvie Eze has called out his colleague and personal friend, Dr. Woyengidoubara Ibuomo Terah Angaye over the allege rape of his wife (names withheld) at Kings Lynn, United Kingdom in October 2021.

According to Eze, the accused, Dr Woyengidoubara Ibuomo Terah Angaye who is based in the United Kingdom , is from Okoloba community in Kolokuma-Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, a close friend and colleague, allegedly had forceful canal knowledge of his wife who was on walking stick due to a motor accident.

Dr. Enize-Tomvie Eze, who is an indigene of Yenagoa Local Government area in Bayelsa, in a distress statement made available to NAIJA LIVE TV vie mail, claimed that Angaye is a PhD student at University of Herefordshire, UK and was his classmate at the Medical School of Niger Delta University.

”We were very good friends. We graduated on the same day and got inducted into the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria the same time in 2014 (Picture evidence on Facebook). We were best of friends throughout our Internship program at the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital Okolobiri. We played Medical Politics together as Medical Students and also as Medical Doctors in NDUTH”.

Photo of Dr. Enize and Dr. Angaye and his mother on their convocation as Doctors in Abuja as best friend in 2016 – Photo Credit – Facebook

“In 2021 my wife was to relocate to UK but didn’t have enough funds to sort some initial bills. We needed £1000 pounds. I called Dr Angaye and begged him to borrow us which he agreed as a good friend. Finally my wife got to London. Few weeks later my Wife called me on phone, crying and told me that Dr Angaye visited her in our house at Kings Lynn, United Kingdom only for him to forcefully rape her.”

“Bear in mind that my wife had a road traffic accident and she’s walking with walking stick so it was almost impossible to struggle with him. Dr Angaye raped my Vulnerable wife in our own house. I told my wife to quickly report to the UK police but she didn’t want the public thing. She is in pains. I complained severally on our Niger Delta University Alumni Doctors WhatsApp group about this ugly incident and some Medical Elders called and begged me to forgive and forget. Others pleaded that this could land Dr Angaye in prison in the UK and destroy his future. Most of these people who begged are people we respect so much”.

“Dr Angaye begged a close friend of mine who is based in UK to help him talk to me. The friend (Name withheld) begged severally for me to Forgive Angaye and for us not to report to the UK police. Angaye made attempts on WhatsApp to contact me, then I finally gave him audience. He called and apologized extensively for Raping my wife in our house. In that call I expressed my disappointment.”

“This is not what a friend should do to his good friend simply because you borrowed us £1000 pounds. Meanwhile we have long given him his £1000 pounds. Just for the records. I sent the recorded voice message of Dr Angaye after he called and apologized to his wife who also acknowledged it on WhatsApp.”

“I use to think that as Medical Doctors we are supposed to be Hippocratic Brothers and sisters but I am disappointed to say the least. If a Doctor can do this to his best friend’s wife, I wonder what he has been doing to his patients and patients’ relatives”


Responding on behalf of the accused Dr. Woyengidoubara Ibuomo Terah Angaye, a Lagos based Legal practitioner, Agbada S Agbada, ACIARB dismissed the allegation as a concocted lie by Dr. Enize-Tomvie with the sole aim of smearing the reputation of his client and denies the allegation in every respect, ”Our client is according this allegation the seriousness it deserves and we have his instructions to take decisive legal steps against Mr Enize-Tomvie to protect his name and reputation”.

Listen to part 1 of Leaked voice-note’s Transcript between Dr. Angaye (alleged Suspect) and Dr. Enize Tomvie’s (victim’s Husband);

Dr. Angaye (alleged Suspect);

“I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me again and it’s your choice”

“But please forgive me even though you don’t want to have anything to do with me again, it is painful that you don’t want again because I have so many plans for us”

“Its a big loss to me I want to have peace And know that we have settled for what happened i don’t think you’d be blamed for”

Dr. Enize Tomvie’s (victim’s Husband);

“Well Agaye, you’ve said so many things I always tell people you don’t know the kind of friend you have until certain things happens, you told Mr. Siasia some things which he told me”

“Let me assume that you don’t know as at when you came and fucked my wife in this house we’ve already gone far, let me assume that you don’t know that we were already married, this is someone I have been telling you about right from when she was in Abuja. I had to even beg you 1000pounds and gave her because she is coming to the UK and she doesn’t have accommodation and cash”

“And then you Agaye secretly went behind me and gave her another 500 pounds in my back, did you not do that? She told me all that. That was when you started having nonsense allusion to F…k her, it was not an accident, it is something you’ve already planned”

“Okay let me assume you thought she was my girlfriend and I asked you to borrow my girlfriend in quote money then you went behind my back and gave her another 500pounds?, what was your intention?. Let me assume again that you thought she was only a girlfriend, and you went behind to f…k the girlfriend?. Let me still assume it was mutual that she agreed to fuck you like you told Mr. Siasia so mutually you went behind to f…k your friend’s girlfriend?. In your mind did you still remember that I was a close friend to you? Yet you went behind to mutually fuck your friend’s girlfriend”.

“By and large, the deed has been done and can’t be undone, you further went to NDU Alumni and told them that nothing of such happened that you didn’t f…k my wife that I should go and settle with my wife and you called it a family affair but you know very well that you f…ckd my wife”

“You f….kd my wife” “You left your House came all the way here. Should I ask her if she willingly opened her legs for you to f…k her. You’ve told 3 persons that my wife opened her legs for you to f..k her”

“The point is whether you thought she’s my girlfriend or wife do you think that I can f…k your girlfriend, wife or any girl close to you?. Do you think I can mutually like you said f…k any girl close to you?

You came Targeting my wife, give her money secretly and rape her in my house and she called me to report to me what you did and you still call it a mutual f…king?. She’s been telling me that you were talking seductively to her until you finally came to the house and did what you did .

“If you are apologizing go ahead and Apologies, You say my wife say she like the f…k. I will give her the phone, no oo both of us are still talking na”


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