Tips To Overcome Challenges In Long Distance Relationship – By Florence Olugbodi

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Does long distance relationship works??

Had a heart to heart discussion with a lady recently, She came to me confused

She loves this guy and she is certain sure the guy loves her too but she is scared

Then I asked her why are you scared you said you both love each other and you are convinced he is the right one for you so what then is holding you back.

She told me her biggest fear is because they are not staying in the same state..

She do hear people complain about long distance relationship, How it doesn’t work out and much more tasky…

Then I asked her who told you staying close to each other guarantees the success of a relationship?

The fact is that, seeing each other everyday, talking to each other every moment does not determine the success of a relationship..

Whether you’re in a long distance or short distance relationship, the relationship that will work will, and vice versa. So the success of a relationship solely depend on the commitment of both partners.

Meanwhile, we have a good number of people who are in the same shoes with her. Before you conclude, ask yourself these questions…

How do I make long distance relationship work?

What should I do and not do in a long distance relationship?

How do I keep him/her interested in me in a long distance relationship?

Does long distance relationship last?
Is he/she worth waiting for?

Are they feeling the same way I do?

Am I kidding myself thinking this can work?

Would I be better off dating the mailman instead? At least he comes to my house every day.

Does my boyfriend/girlfriend exist or is this just an elaborate Nigerian scam?

Can I trust him/her?

You don’t have to loose potential husband or wife owing to the wrong notion about long distance relationship.

Having convincing yourself about the answers provided, then you can move ahead with relationship. There is obviously no relationship without challenges

Note this : What works for Abidemi might not work for Florence, because Abidemi distance relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t mean Florence distance relationship won’t work.

PS:There are some tips to make distance relationship work which I will be unfolding in my next article.

To a love filled and healthy relationship
Abidemi Olugbodi Florence.


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