A Former Student Liason officer to the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Comrade Papems Peter Etolor has picked holes in the decision of the Interim Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme, Maj. General Barry Ndiomu (rtd) to suspend the Scholarship schemes over lack of sustainability and shortage of funds.

NAIJA LIVE TV reported that, The Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, has suspended two students (Papems Etolor and one other) from its scholarship scheme for what it described as making spurious allegations against the leadership of PAP.

According to Etolor, the decision lack in proper consultation and showed that the present office of the PAP lack ideas on how best to handle the pressing needs of the Niger Delta people in the quest to continually maintain peace in the region.

Papems Peter Etolor, who is a graduate of Computer Science from the Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo Delta state, currently holding a post graduate degree studies in Baze University, Abuja, said despite the accolades showered on President Buhari by Maj Gen. Ndiomu for funding the Amnesty programme, it is shocking to note that the schorlaship scheme by the PAP which is helping to bridge the education gap of the youths of the region could no longer be sustained due to funding.

According to him, “so with this in mind one is forced to ask reason for the continuous desperation to deprive the Niger Delta people when funds are duly allocated without stress from the presidency?”


Etolor, who have also served as the convener of the Advocacy for Youth Education and Development in Niger Delta (AYEDs), also the immediate past national coordinator of Coalition of students under the Presidential Amnesty Programme (COSPAP) and currently a national stakeholder of the student community in Niger Delta, pointed out that “It is with this perception that I find with great disdain the actions of the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program Maj. General Barry Ndiomu (rtd) to come on to press, declaring that the scholarship scheme of the program is suspended because it is not sustainable as it came on the heels of high cost”

According to him,”For reference, may I apprise Ndiomu that on the 24th of May 2021, in the pages of Daily trust it was published that PTDF shortlisted 8,000 applicants for overseas scholarships to which the in training allowance alone for each of them in every month is twice the tuition fee for the highest paid institution under the Presidential Amnesty Program in Baze University. “

“Meanwhile the funds used by PTDF scholarship is resourced from Niger Delta oil use to benefit mainly the Northeners and the children of the elites while the Niger Delta man struggles. Hence, it is safe for me to question Ndiomu’s motive, in trying so hard to eliminate a program that is genuinely met for the benefit of his people when with the right people and approach N7bn out of N65bn can be effectively resourced for 10,000 Niger Deltans but Ndiomu has decided to surround himself with thieves who can’t distinct themselves between constructive engagements and unruly behaviour. “

“In my other publications, I have tried to make the authorities of the PAP understand that while Niger Delta is booming with oil, the Western Nigeria was using the cocoa resources under the initiative of Chief Obafemi Awolowo to garner free education, today the West have the highest number of degreed professors and PhD holders in Africa. What is stopping the Niger Delta man from been visionary and proactive ? Must we blame the north for everything?”

“I penned my objections but sadly due to the megalomaniac attitude of some officials in the office, I was called and threatened by Musa Wilfred the current Head of Reintegration whom eventually infringed on my right and under whose influence the interim administrator without due diligence signed a memo to unjustifiably withdraw my scholarship and that of others who said no to the injustice, they went as far as publicly disparaging my name and that of my family to serve as a detriment to whoever decide to object on their flawed conceptualised policies that doesn’t serve any purpose for the Niger Delta people”.

“The truth is, if I was the son of Tompolo would they have dared ? Well I have already chosen the weapon of the pen and not throttled by the bullet of the gun so it is easy for them to molest me and my family without knowing the law will not stay blind to injustice. And so, I am open to seek redress against the injustice meted on me from the abuse by officials of the Presidential Amnesty Programme,”

“I will also continue to engage intellectually and constructively expose the flawed policies of the Ndiomu led administration for the President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) and the NSA to see because it is detrimental to the human capital development of the Niger Delta people.”

“Sadly, I have profound respect and regard for Maj General Barry Ndiomu (rtd). He is an accomplished man but as a retired General he ought to know the importance of education in society, unfortunately his actions have proven that he has been horrendously puppeted by Wilfred Musa who I consider to be an enemy of Niger Delta people.”

“Even Buhari is widely criticised, no man is above criticism and so, let all Niger Deltans know today, Ndiomu has successfully destroyed destinies of two prospective sons of Niger Delta who are punished because they spoke truth to conscience. While those who decide to turn blind eye to the injustice meted should continue because life itself is on a circle, it will get to your turn to one day know the cry of the oppressed and maligned.”

“By the actions of Ndiomu through the deceptive influence of Wilfred Musa, our freedom to speech has been heavily disparaged and our right to expression has been jeopardised. For every tyrant only has aim to subdue the loudest voice for others to be suppressed in slavery. Our right to fair hearing has been stripped from us, but justice will definitely prevail even in the fiercest of the race.”

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