Ex-Agitators of the Presídential Amnesty Programme (PAP) who were sent on Training to Krisdera Agro Allied Farm Limited at Omoku Rivers State at the end of their training has demanded a minimum five million each from the PAP offíce in Abuja to enable them set up their mechanized farms for which they are trained in their various localities to continue their normal life in line with the reintegration policy of PAP as conceptualized by the Federal Government.

The Ex-Niger Delta Warlords in an open letter addressed to Presídent Muhammadu Buhari and General Barry Ndiomu (Rtd) the interim Administrator of the Presídential Amnesty Programme titled urgent need to save our souls noted that the cry against the untoward plan became paramount and imperative because of the negative twist and turns which have bambuzooled them beyond their imagination.

Their message which was sent to NAIJA LIVE TV in a statement signed by Orughani Godswill Ethoza, Mormos Wilberforce,
Omoko Vincent, Godwin London, lfeanyi Chukwu Nwabunor and Nzeka lfeanyi on behalf of over 100 Trainees reads in part;

“We the PAP delegates of Krisdera Agro-Allied Farm Limited Omoku Rivers State, humbly write to apprise Presídent Muhammadu Buhari and the Presidential Amnesty Program ( PAP) office under the leadership of the Interim Administrator of Maj. Gen Barry Ndiomu Rtd to convey our sincere appreciation to the PAP offíce for sending us to Krisdera Agro-Allied farm limited for Training in Mechanized Farming under Cassava cultivation and processing module.”

The statement further added: ” We also
want this media briefing to serve as a reminder notice to the PAP offíce in
particular that we have undergone the training but now waiting for Major General Barry Ndiomu Rtd the current PAP Interim Administrator to release
the fifteen million naira minimum for each of us to kick start our own Mechanized Cassava cultivation and processing as encapsulated in the training details.


The Ex Agitators explained in the Press
Statement that their training duration which (was) supposed to last for at least eight (8) months, was reduced to seven (7) months and also, the flood actually reduced our training time(duration) and even destroyed our properties.

The Ex Agitators who maintained that they have no issues with the reduction of their training time (duration or period) which was due to unavoidable flood made a compassionate passionate appeal that they have been thought both theoritical and practical aspect of CASSAVA CULTIVATION AND PROCESSING

They pointed out that the PAP office should consider a good and reasonable amount of money, ranging from Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) Million Naira and above for each delegate because the establishment of a Mechanized Farm will require an individual to either purchase several plots of land or lease plots of land, hiring of tractors, hiring of man power, purchasing of fertilizers and other chemicals etc for better Cassava cultivation and processing.

The Ex Agitators also hinted the PAP office that they are aware that each delegate is entitled to a minimum of Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) Million Naira for empowerment after training.

The Group added saying: “We wish to appeal to the PAP office to look into this critically as doing so will help us and in turn, if we are all able to establish our Farms in our various communities, it will help to boost the food security which our amiable
President Muhammadu Buhari is emphasizing and it will also help to reduce food scarcity in the Niger Delta region and Nigeria at large, and also help to reduce the rate of unemployment and crime in our region.

The Ex Agitators lamented in their statement thus: “We strongly assert that after spending a total sum of Three point two million naira (3.2million naira only) to train each PAP delegate on mechanized farming in CASSAVA CULTIVATION AND PROCESSING in KRISDERA AGRO-ALLIED LIMITED OMOKU, RIVERS STATE, it is unrealistic and unfair for the PAP office to think
of empowering us we the delegates with Seven Hundred and Fifty thousand naira which a far cry from our expectations.

The group Which placed a demand notice stressed with emphasis saying: ” The PAP office should empower us with nothing less than Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) million naira only for each delegate that has undergone this training on mechanized farming in CASSAVA CULTIVATION AND PROCESSING in KRISDERA AGRO-ALLIED LIMITED OMOKU RIVERS STATE, so that we can actually establish our mechanized farms in our various communities as originally proposed.”

The Ex Warlord’s who expressed dismay
over the turn twist of events said:

” We are indeed perturbed to our bone marrow for the Amnesty office to send officials to our training centers to tell us that they want to empower us with Seven Hundred and Fifty thousand naira (#750.000.00) only and after the empowerment,our names will be delisted from the Presidential Amnesty program.”

The alarmed PAP Trainee Delegates unequivocally declared : ” The above information from the PAP offíce to us to say the least is indeed provocative, annoying, barbaric and counter productive because this retrogressive idea to hold back the much needed funding of our farm projects will increase the rate of insecurity in the Niger Delta region and Nigeria at large.”

The Ex Warlord’s who are ready to be seamlessly reintegrated back into the larger society inline with the international best practice of Amnesty Programmes worldwide correctly pointed out that the path the
PAP offíce is towing now by their proposal to slash our empowerment package
to Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand (750.000.00) naira only
will adversely affect the economy of the nation because it is nothing but direct invitation to anarchy and avoidable heating of our polity.

The PAP delegates of Krisdera Agro Allied Farms Limited Omoku , Rivers State who emphasized the need to
maintain the prevailing peace in the Niger Delta said thus: ” We are constrained to send this save our souls message to the Federal Government of Nigeria led by Presídent Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) ,the Hon Minister of Niger Delta Affairs,
other relevant Officers of Government ,
our Elderstateman , Leader of PANDEF and the South South Region , Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, Amnesty lnternational to look into this injustice,curruption and the marginalization of the people in Niger Delta region.

The Group in their summation asserted : “If nothing is done to stop this skewed policy summersault, in no distant time there will be a boomerang effect which
is usually characterized by inconsistencies in policy implementation noting that these kind of diservice have cost Nigeria alot of
fortune in the time past and it goes along way to confirm the axiom which says Penny wise pam foolish.

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