Gov. Wike’s Lies Against Akin Fakorede, Baseless and Political; The Real Story of How Late Ferry Gberegbe Died…

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It is a thing of shock and dismay to see the name of ACP AKINGBADE FAKOREDE being dragged into the mud; a man of impeccable character and one of the good eggs in the Nigerian Police, an incorruptible man who has faced several ugly accusations and frame ups by the Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Wike just because he refused to dance to the evil tune and power drunk requests by the Rivers State Governor .

We therefore condemn every attempt to rub the image of Akin Fakorede in the mould for an accusation that he has been cleared of by a court of competent jurisdiction ( Rivers State High Court) as well as a special panel set up by the National Assembly ; the said accusation which is the death of late Mr. Ferry Gberegbe who was confirmed to have died of food choking six days after he was brought to the hospital on the 10th of March , 2019 by 9pm shortly after he was injured
The said amateur video which was circulated by Wike and cohorts , clearly showed no proof of a gun wound on the deceased as it was claimed that he was shot on the stomach on the morning of the 10th March which was the Governorship election day in Bori , Khana L.G.A , Rivers State.

After the incident which was a planned plot by the deceased to fake that he was shot so as to take the whole money the Governor had given to him to settle cultists for their dirty job during the Governorship election . A close examination of the video which we have attached here , Akin was not anywhere around the scene nor even in Ogoni , also the police man never shot any gun as the sound came from a distant , you would also notice the video recorder who was obviously playing a script followed the movement of the deceased until he faked falling on the ground as a result of a gun shot.

According to explanations from the hospital he was taken to , St Patrick’s Hospital Ogbunabali Port Harcourt , Mr. ferry was brought to the hospital injured alongside two other members of his cult group and he was treated for minor injury and they were all discharged but the late Ferry refused to be discharged because he wanted to hide from the cult members.whom he was on the run for holding money meant for them all.

The hospital is still functional and this information can be verified

late Mr. Gberegbe remained in the hospital for 6 days and in that period he was Hale and hearty and he received several visitors whom he even escorted to their cars without aid as he was medically alright.
6 days later, on the 16th of March , 2019 at about 10pm at night he died while eating and Medical reports from the doctor indicates that he died of food choke .

The police homicide department thereafter invited the family and the hospital management demanding for an autopsy but the duo declined just because they wanted to shield the truth about the death.

The matter was reported to the National Assembly by one the PDP representatives and the house constituted an investigative panel and heard all parties involved including collation of evidences and after all they realised that neither Akin Fakorede nor SARS had any hand in the death of Late Mr Ferry Gberegbe

However it did not end there as the matter was taken to court by the family of the deceased backed by the Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Wike suing the police and joining ACP Fakorede to the suit

The matter was heard by the State high court by Justice Adolphus Enebeli with suit number PHC /1054/2019 .

All parties were again cross examined and evidences presented before the court to proof the innocence of Akin Fakorede and the Nigeria Police .

After hearing from all parties including the counsells of both the complainant and the acccused , Justice Adolphus Enebeli judged beyond all reasonable doubs that Akin Fakorede is innocent of the murder as well as the men of FSARS.

The Judge discharged and acquitted Mr Akin Fakorede of being culpable or involved in any way in the death of Mr. Ferry Gberegbe


We urge Governor Wike to stop witch hunting Akin Fakorede ,as even after he was transfered out of Rivers State Wike has continued to say unprintable things about a dignified police officer including his recent comment on AIT that triggered the labeling of Akin as a bad cop,let it be on record that Akingbade Fakorede who was SARS Commander from 2016 to May, 2019 never left any complain of indiscipline against any SARS officer under him unattended as he reported them to the appropriate quarters for punishment.

Rivers State residents can recall that there was a time ACP Fakorede shared his private number to the public through the media for complains and personally attended to such calls , he took up the complains appropriately .His offence was simply going against “EMPEROR WIKE” by refusing to do His dirty dealings.

Promise Ebuka
State Co-ordinator

(Find attached to this release the court judgement )

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